Zimbabwean girl in UK scoops top award at school

I first met this young girl at an event called Never Again Royal night campaign and fundraiser  we organised for Girl Child Network Worldwide  on 4 April at Thurrock Hotel.

I had been in conversation through her mother who is an adorable woman in her own right. She is a mum to six girls. I briefed her that young women from Africa like her daughter would contribute immensely to our charity work and true to the point her daughter came and performed a poem in honour of Princess Deun from Nigeria. She read it so well that many in attendance at our Never again Royal night stood in ovation. She was just amazing. Personally, I take no time to pick up on girls with potential and Emilia Maseko is one of them. She is youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Maseko and her dad follows the Royal lineage of Maseko and rightly she is Princess Emila Maseko.

Today via her mum she relayed a message below and she celebrates her achievements in school.

Hi aunt Princess. How are you? I just wanted to share with you my achievement. I received a Silver Good Progress Award at school yesterday. Only 4 of us got the award and it was the highest award anyone’s every gotten. I did receive a certificate but they spelt my name wrongly so I gave it back, they’ll give it to me on Tuesday. Bye have a nice afternoon

What else can we focus our energies on except girls who excel like Princess Emelia. On 11 October  to help us celebrate UN Day of the girl child she is a speaker and also she might get a prestigious award and we want you to nominate her in our Girls Empowerment and Education Awards.

Congratulations Princess Emilia Maseko for bringing this great Prize  and proving the power girls have. Thank you for the support to our project for girls in Africa and joining as an official member.