US PHD student biggest 40th birthday present for Betty Makoni

Adrienne is a PHD  at a University in USA and specialising in Human Development.She just read about Betty Makoni and thought of a summer where she would be with her role model and learn from her and also allow Betty to learn new ideas

When Adrienne planned her self funded trip she did not know on 22 June 2011 she will be announced as Betty Makoni`s biggest birthday present.Adrienne is collating Betty Makoni`s girls empowerment work since formation in 1998 and helping to design a Girls Empowerment Kit to be used to impart knowledge and skills to thousands of girls who have requested for Betty Makoni help transform them into leaders

On her face book message Adrienne posted message below and we wait to see this young woman design the best for the world`s girls.

Adrienne Duke

Today is the birthday of Betty Makoni, the founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide, and the reason I am in England this summer!

In responding to her message Betty Makoni who keeps such matters to her heart just told a friend that some people and work are naturally meant to be that way.A young woman coming when I am 40 is symbolically saying I must do more and impart all knowledge I have to young women so that legacy does not die .

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