Transcribing Betty Makoni`s book has greatly inspired me-Shameena Patel from South Africa

(This is a personal note from Shameena Patel shared with you after she gave permission(unedited))

Dear Betty

When I first heard about you I thought, “Oh activist”.  It didn’t really mean much to me at the time since so many people call themselves activists.  Most people start organizations for a cause, then get so big that they no longer pay attention to each individual who needs help – the people that prompted them to start these organizations in the first place.

Since I have been transcribing your book I have grown to respect and admire you in way that one can few people in this world.  You truly are a special person.  Reading your book and getting to know you has been a privilege.

You fight for every girl child everywhere in the world no matter where she comes from or what her circumstances are. Each girl is equally as important and worthy.  You have never grown too big to help individuals, but make those girls that are usually invisible have better and safer lives. I only know this and see what you have accomplished because of your book, and I have also learned of the horrors that girls face because of your stories (even though I am African and have heard many things) and that why I think everyone needs to read it!!

Shameema Patel

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