Training by Google staff in London on 25 July adds to self development in world of IT

I am ever grateful to Ashoka UK for all the training they organise for fellows. On 25 July I am so delighted to attend a training to be conducted by Google staff and this was  made possible through Ashoka

Everything has turned to be IT and I can imagine if the same training is  conducted with girls and young women ,it will change our life.

Below I share exceprt from my CV and just to show some many trainings that have helped me to develop as a leader and I mastered them so much that I have trained many women and girls who have climbed on ladder of leadership.Whatever is given to me is automatically given to women and girls I work with.

Gained experience and skills through a number of opportunities from international organizations to develop my leadership skills and these include but not limited to

Ashoka All Fellows Induction(27 to 28 March 2011)

  • Gift Aid Fundraising By Institute of Fundraising-UK (20 February 2011)
  • Media and Communication Coaching by Ashoka Network Member-Kinsman Langford Consultancy -London (16 May 2011)
  • Training on Grant Making at New Field Foundation and Global Fund (4 April 2010)
  • Domestic Violence Training –London (6 February 2009)
  • International Guest Program Scholarship at the International Center for Tolerance  Education in New York, USA (January 1-March 30,2007)
  • Accelerating the ratification of AU protocol on Women’s RightsSouth Africa, Johannesburg, 22-24 May 2006
  • Interaction Leadership Training, sponsored by The British Council (January, August 2005)
  • Renowned international advocate of Violence Against Women Bill , nominated from Africa to give  testimony on violence against women in conflict situations by US Vice President ,Joe Biden .
  • International Scholarship, XVI International Aids Conference by the International AIDS Society, Toronto Canada (August 2006).
  • Nominated and Registered Human Rights Defender for The 2nd Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders organized by Frontline Defenders of Human Rights Defenders (September 2003).
  • Advanced Training of  Trainers Workshop, Nisaa Institute for Women Development  South Africa, 25-30 July 2003
  • Global Campaign for the Ratification And Use Of The Optional Protocol to the CEDAW Convention, Cape Town, South Africa, 19-21 November 2003
  • Needs Assessment for Capacity Building of National Gender  Machineries for Gender Equality in SADC Member states, Nyanga, 23 September 2003
  • Fundraising Training on Dealing with Major and small donors from by International Development Exchange (IDEX), 23 June 2003
  • Training Workshop On “How To Create Circles of Compassion” organized by Women’s World Summit Foundation in partnership with the Millionth Circle Initiative Centre International Reformed-John Knox Geneva, Switzerland, 17-19 October 2003
  • Gender And HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Imba Matombo Harare, 5 November 2002
  • African Women’s Leadership Institute Training organised by Akina Mama wa Afrika based in UK, 6-14 June 2002
  • Results Based Management And Gender. Canadian International Development Agency workshop, Kadoma Ranch, 4-9 January 2002
  • National Action Plan for Zimbabwe on Commonwealth Model Framework For An Integrated Approach To Combat Violence Against Women, Montclair, Nyanga 2-4 May 2001
  • Financial Management And Its Integration With Organizational And Program Management Workshop Sponsored By Netherlands International Development Cooperation (NOVIB), Bronte Hotel, Harare, 12-16 November, 2001
  • International Visitor Program- Management Of NGOs And Tour of United States Of America Meeting with Various NGOS And Learning Best Practices, 18 May-23 June, 2001
  • Investigating And Managing Child Abuse Within A Multi Sectoral Framework, US Embassy Harare, Detective. Sgt. Walliker, Family Service Division, Police Department, Portland, Oregon, 31 August 2000
  • Southern African Regional Workshop On Sheltering for Abused Women, Conference Centre, Johannesburg, 13-14 November 2000