The Mathematics Book that makes every girl a scientist or Mathematician

Girl Child Network Worldwide and Muzvare Betty Makoni are pleased to announce that finally the book is here- Mathematics In You is a book published by a man who has found a way to motivate girls to take up Mathematics. It is a must read and the news should be taken to every girl an woman round the world.

Edzai Zvobwo is a mathematician based in South Africa.  He wrote to say our efforts as Girl Child Network Worldwide greatly inspires him.

He has written two motivational books that seek to shift the perspective African children view on  Mathematics and Science. One is directed exclusively to girls and is entitled ‘Girl Child rise up in the Sciences’ the other is a generic cross-gender book entitled ‘The Mathematical Genius in You’.

The books seek to demystify maths and redress imbalances of the past caused by gender inequality and cultural practices. They reinforce the fact that education is key to ending women’s dependence on men and is a vehicle for women empowerment and economic freedom.

He has  printed a few copies that he  sells at a nominal price  in South Africa. His  dream is to distribute the books world-wide for free and motivate all the girls and boys that maths and science can be done no matter their gender, ethnicity or culture. He hopes many people round the globe will be able to assist him in the distribution of the books or link him  up with people, schools  and organisations who can.

This book has been written with you in mind! It is a personal and candid dialogue on how to succeed in MATHEMATICS. Its objective is to motivate, educate and in the process expose the correct mindset, attitude and attributes necessary to excel in mathematics. The book seeks to demystify mathematics as a learning area then give tips on how to become a good ‘problem solver’ regardless of varying mathematical abilities

At the formative level this book seeks to produce problem solvers and logical beings who are versatile in the workplace and life in general. The principles exposed in this book can be applied to other learning areas and it is hoped that after reading this book you should able to know where you stand mathematically and then work to improve your status. If you are a parent you will be shown the attributes and attitudes to emphasize to your children so as to optimize their mathematical potential.

For teachers, this book is handy in the motivation of students to adopt a positive attitude towards math.

The ultimate aim is for learners to be able to fully acquire math knowledge and skills, combine logical and intuitive reasoning and communicate effectively on interpretations in context to the real world using appropriate mathematical language and notations.

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