Sport platform for Zimbabwean women launched

Rarely do we get news like this from women. But when such news is with us then we are the from to share. A great platform for women has been launched. Here is Grace Chirumuhanzu to give you all the details of the first ever unique platform for women and girls to encourage breaking into this male dominates field. Email Grace for more details on Below message from Grace Chirumuhanzu Facebook page I am very grateful to everyone who supported the inaugural Sports Queen Awards we hosted on International Women’s Day.
A dream come true to Zimbabwean women in sport. A platform that was really needed. I wanted it big, but l realised for the big dream to be a reality l needed to start small. The vibe in the room, the excitement and the feedback tells me that, the small start was never small in the hearts of these Champions. Many thanks to those who made it to the Awards, a celebration of women in sport. Many thanks to everyone who contributed financially and in kind.
It is my hope that the corporate world in Zimbabwe and Africa will be convinced that this is a great event worth investing in. Get in touch and be part of next year’s event. Let’s plan now. Be part of this history.