Pressure Mounts for Government to Arrest Dr Kereke

Some Zimbabweans are fast mobilising to put pressure on Zimbabwe government to arrest Dr Munyaradzi Kereke,Senior Advisor to Reserve Bank Governor Gedion Gono who allegedly raped his third wife`s niece in August 2010.

The girl had gone to Vainona in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe to visit her aunt.The mother of the girl is residing out of the country and her hands are tied as she cannot travel to be with her daughter who is living with grandparents.

A Facebook page has been opened by some concerned face book users from various parts of Africa who are worried that if rapists are let to go scot free they will continue to put many girls at risk .Some individuals have posted messages on the fan page created to raise awareness and lobby for the arrest of Dr Munyaradzi Kereke.

“My dear old classmate, Kereke, what happened? Taking such a step and risking to losing it all. You can’t really be on his side, i know the guy too well.Let there be justice in this case, injustice for one, is injustice for all! “ wrote one former school mate of Dr Munyaradzi Kereke.

Supporters commenting on this issue on different threads are continuing to call for the arrest of Dr Kereke.

“The beast should be imprisoned for life.This is very infuriating. How can one individual be so cruel to another human being(this girl is a mere child she is only 11yrs old for heavens sake)Betty please make sure this beast will never see day or light again in” wrote another supporter.

“Ngaasungwe ibhinya,haafunge (He should be arrested,he doesn’t think).Something is very wrong upstairs.ngavamukiire mujere varase makii.nx( He must get arrested and locked in prison forever ).

Many more queried why he enjoys impunity and one protested.

“I wonder (why despite evidence as u say) why this man stl enjoz freedom least he goes on a rape spree. majeri aint meant 4 statistics bt for pp lik him.mukombe uyu usavapfuure vakuru ava.”

Marshal Libamba Musumali from an unnamed African country who led other men and opened a face book page to mobilise voices for the Dr Kereke arrest campaign said.

“He is probably a serial rapist because to me if has done it to his sister he has probably done it to many others before and they are scared to death to come out and say it.If was the police I would start talking to every girl who is close to him, but kudos to the brave one who came out and exposed this monster.I truly believe she has stoped him and who knows it may have escalated to murder-rape, But the police seem to not care, i wonder what they would have done if it was their child.”

Sekao another African man added , “If top officials perpetually torture the lives of the girls like this, I personally lose hope in governance and as an African man I can not bear the sight of this man. We should heavily embark on a consotium that shall emancipate our people from the mental slavery and pave way to social cohesion, Betty this make me SICK !!! now I believe is time we pray hard to God to harness Africa’s sons and deliver Africa’s daughters from this trauma.”

In another development that has shocked girl child activist Betty Makoni and others who are against child rape,Reason Guide Masengu a man from Zimbabwe has attacked Betty Makoni for breaking silence on this case on facebook.In daily rhetoric typical of Zimbabwean male abusers of those fighting to protect women and girls ,Reason Guide Masengu said,

“Saka imi mavamapurisa here.dnt be over zealous nezvinhu zvisiri zvenyu.mwana yacho akauya kuzo reporter kwauri saka take action iwe Betty( So are you the police?Don’t be overzealous about issues that don’t concern you.The child cam eto report to you so you take action Betty”.

In further abusive posts he went on to say ,

“ Wat eva u say betty ndezvipi zvamakaita tikayemura.only kutsvaka mari wth brief case NGOs.get a lawyer kwete ku misuser IT.THATS WHY WAKATIZWA NEMURUME (Whatever you say Betty what did you do to make us proud.You are looking for money with brief case NGO’s.Get a lawyer and stop misusing IT.That’s why your husband deserted you.”)

Betty responded thus, “if there was police in Zimbabwe this man should be behind bars as it takes maximum 5 days to arrest an alleged rapist. With such overwhelming evidence it has taken police 5 months to arrest Dr Kereke .So Reason know that every child needs protection and tomorrow it is your child or sister .Don’t make fun out of pain of a child.Also this is crime against state and a child does not need a private lawyer in court in Zimbabwe because this is what state lawyers do in Zimbabwe. They are all over on face book and I know they are aware of this case and hoping they will move on. My work as a global advocate for girls is to alert every system in the world to be aware there are girls at risk and something needs to be done. All these insults have never stopped me from seeking justice for girls and so it is something I expect from perpetrators of rape and their accomplices. They always have an excuse to violate children and they say all this because there is no punishment given to them. But one day they will answer for all this.”

Betty Makoni went on to say they are proceeding to Name and Shame all rapists in Zimbabwe and Africa and create an online Sex Offenders register for Zimbabwe and Africa on all sex offenders who are a danger to women and girls.

“This will be posted on Zimbabwe News Network, an online news paper for women and girls recently launched to document all gender based violent acts in Zimbabwe which lead to the loss of lives and dignity. It is hoped Interpol will consider a collaboration to put all names of alleged rapists on high alert and that no sex offenders be allowed to travel until their cases are cleared by police and courts in their countries. Moreover a program will soon be put in place to see which other countries can help in arresting such alleged rapists or failure of which citizens of the world will be mobilised worldwide to effect citizen arrest “She explained.

According to some Zimbabweans the case of Dr Munyaradzi Kereke needs the intervention of President Robert Mugabe ,Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Gideon Gono and for it move forward it needs a non partisan approach .To this end an international petition will be drafted and delivered to the leadership of Zimbabwe to act.

All those against child rapists are encouraged to  like the facebook page created  and post their comments if they want to see this man arrested.They are also encouraged to tell their friends about it .