Muzvare Betty Makoni congratulates Prince William and Miss Cathrine Middleton on their wedding day

I am writing a personal note on behalf of Makoni Royal family in Rusape Zimbabwe to say what joy we have to see the young couple wedding and restoring love in our hearts. It is indeed a joyous moment and one not to be missed and so like all other admirers of yours we will be glued to our television sets.

First I want to say congratulations for finding each other and finding love in each other. This is what is important on this day .You make today special because after some years of getting unpleasant news we get a young couple from the Royal family bringing to us another side of humanity –love, life and  peaceful family life . My hope is that everyone will embrace the significance of today.

I rarely follow big events or high profile people because it is a bit difficult to get to meet them and interact face to face. I am writing a personal note to say congratulations and advise that a wedding day is an event but a marriage is a life process. May your love, life and family be filled with joy

Let the 21st century bring love,joy, happiness to every family

Muzvare(HRH) Betty Makoni