Mr Madubeko our school head retires after taking us over deep oceans-Betty Makoni sends a poem

Poem dedicated to my former School head  at St Dominic`s , Mr Madubeko who retires after churning out thousands of women leaders in Zimbabwe

He took us  to cross deep oceans ,wished us well and swam back for more girls

For decades he did without countig the cost but his successful girls

Who does not know him in Zimbabwe ?

Maybe physically one may miss his face but not his deeds

Take the world`s biggest women names ,Baba`s foundation is there

He left you where the river was easy to cross

Areas no father dared take his daughter, he took them there

Physical science, geography, chemistry  and even metaphysics

His world of girls struck number first on equality

Whole of Zimbabwe and world over his girls the best of the best

Golden touch and fatherly touch in one

He left us where the ocean was easy to swim

His job was passionate, informed by passion

A few dimes he earned, a thousand girls always learned

Father, Baba, Umdala wethu, Education GURU for girls

Gender equality fight won by one man over five  decades

Quietly and yet efficiently and graciously

One man fought for gender equality and won quietly

Today we are over rivers no one dared to take us

He retires quietly in words but loudly in every big woman from his hands

One quote I remember against falling too much for boys and not books

`You may be deep in love with him whilst he is deep in love with his books `

Strong warning to girls to focus more on books and not Zoom boys

They zoomed from St Ignatius into reading space, derailing focus and future

One or two girls fell for babies and never saw the books

But still even for exams he held them by the fatherly hand

To cross a deep ocean which every father  feared to cross

Mr Madubeko as we passionately and affectionately called  him ndiBaba vedu

There at one Top School for girls, St Dominic’s in valleys of Chishawasha

Only factory for most genius women world over

That gave me one top life I could have lost forever

Took grain from chaff and the best from the worst

To our sir with love , to our pillar with love

Retire with returns from each girl whose background you dug

With each root you anchored us, I am but one

Here look  I lift my hand, count me as but one out of thousands

Baba vedu on your retirement be rejuvenated

No speech will say it in short

Year after year, girl after girl

Story of dedication and determination

Just one Guinness book of records in our hearts

Where every father feared to cross the ocean

Mr Madubeko held us girls by his hand as he would hold his daughters

Now you and me will hold him by our hands

Retirement means rest, celebrate  ad be celebrated

(Betty Makoni was in the class of 1986 to 1989 .One disadvantaged girl who benefitted from a private scholarship at the school. That empowered her to empower millios of girls and women round the world.)


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