Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year

The festive season is here with us and I am so happy many of my friends are taking time for family and holidays so that they come back rejuvenated

2010 was such a challenging year for women and girls worldwide. There were a lot of tragic incidents where women were stoned to death ,young girls as young as seven years forced to marry older men, girls held as sex slaves by Johane Marange church ,girls labelled witches in Nigeria, babies raped because of myth that virgins cure HIV and AIDS. Many domestic violence incidents left women and girls permanently handicapped and many lives were lost through wishful transmission of HIV and AIDS.

Many girls worldwide are still losing their lives to harmful cultural practices and even though the numbers are not yet known we can tell the loss of human potential is huge

There are many man made disasters in the world that keep claiming lives of women and girls and these can be stopped if we get committed leaders .In the DRC and many places rape is  used as a weapon of war and many women lost their lives. Many other natural disasters in Haiti left women and girls at risk

It is now time to think if this is the life we want in 2011  for our women and girls .There are many women and girls who failed to make it to next year because we let those who harm them get away with it and as usual we make news out of them, feel pity and forget.

For all our leaders in the world can we leave alleged rapists like Dr Munyaradzi Kereke who is Advisor to Zimbabwe Reserve bank governor  Gedion Gono walk scotfree after raping an 11 year old girl at gunpoint. Is this the life we want for our women and girls in Zimbabwe and everywhere? Food for thought for us all.

Let me seize this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me in the last year and thanks CNN Heroes team for making me visible to the world and my work for girls keeps growing

My husband and three sons are my biggest support .My 9 year old son confirms to me daily that boys and girls are equal and that is his principle number one.

We have two birthdays coming for my husband and son !!!