Meeting Muzvare Betty Makoni by Jo-anne Pritchard

Jo-Anne PritchardIt was a happy day when I first discovered this amazing woman: Muzvare Betty Makoni.  I’m not sure which of my friends suggested I should join her on Facebook and it was almost a nonchalant action which made me click on “Add as friend”.  I have many “friends” on Facebook – hundreds in fact – but there are only a few friends and family who keep in touch with me on a regular basis.

The name Makoni stirred my interest because I am a fan of Simba Makoni whom I have a certain connection with:  my late husband, David, was very friendly with him through their various common interests and my granddaughter, Dani, presented his wife with flowers when, as Finance Minister, he was guest speaker at the Manicaland Agricultural Show, Mutare in 1997.  I have always had the greatest faith in Simba Makoni and wondered was she a family member?  I must add that politically I have no connection except to like him very much as an individual!

I went into the profile of Muzvare Betty Makoni on Facebook without knowing what I would find.  I clicked on her name with an almost subconscious action and was almost blown out of my chair when faced with the message this beautiful and passionate woman was putting out to the world.

I was a latecomer.  Skirting in on her news about Trinity, a young woman with dreadful facial tumours, I suddenly realised Muzvare Betty, although she was working day and night for girls and young women, she had bigger fish to fry!  I discovered the work she had done in the past: the fact that she was the founder of Girl Child Network, Zimbabwe.  This woman was working towards the rescue of millions!  I read on and on….

Muzvare Betty Makoni is a CNN Hero Award 2009 winner. She is someone who fights day and night for the rescue and empowerment of rape victims.  She fights against violence towards women and girls.

Against this curtain of steel and silken thread, she faces the world with no political preference and only hopes her work will help to save the vulnerable and give them a better future!  This brilliant woman has NO POLITICAL preference!! We all believe: Girls are the future mothers and mothers rock the cradle of the world!

Her work, which can be followed on many websites, should undermine the mud-slingers determined to destroy her character.  My question is this: why would they try to destroy the good she is doing? Surely it is only the guilty who should protest so much?

Pamberi, Muzvare! We are non-political but we are for the people – especially girls who need us!!  God bless you Muzvare Betty and God bless you beautiful Zimbabwe!