Kumbirayi Kahiya Chikowero is official spokesperson of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

Note from Editor

(Please note I have been asked to circulate this article By Girl Child Network Zimbabwe amid fresh attacks by a bogus human rights defender  based in UK who uses a fake name Vio Mak who writes articles for government of Zimbabwe  secret service sponsored online papers. For over a decade she has stalked Betty Makoni defaming her and generating falsehoods on the internet.She has no record of human rights work in Zimbabwe and she infiltrated the UK asylum system through false project on protest music targeting the President of Zimbabwe.She frauded UK public funds through a forged asylum case which saw her bringing her sons and her husband a former beneficiary of a Cuban scholarship supported by Zimbabwe government a year ago.She writes articles under false names like HChigege and she has 8 websites to her name and she operates them together with Zimbabwe run Herald.She works full time as an undercover targeting human rights defenders .Unsuspecting members of the public have been hooked in her syndicate.Every week she generates articles about exiled Betty Makoni whose work has been awarded globally. Her attacks on Betty Makoni intensify each time she rises to get an award or funding. Many Zimbabweans living abroad have been victims of her falsehoods.

Kumbirayi Kahiya Chikowero is official spokesperson nof Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe is concerned about media coverage by a woman called Vio Mak who writes for some bogus newspapers in United Kingdom whose bogus papers are  illegally reporting on behalf of our charity without conducting professional interviews with our board and staff.

As a charity operating in Zimbabwe we wish to inform members of the public that Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe continues to serve girls as a voluntary organisation and helping out girls who need us especially in areas where they get raped and cannot escape. We pride ourselves as a grassroots organisation rooted in poor and marginalised communities and doing all to help.

As an organisation we are fully aware Vio Mak has been targeting the person of Betty Makoni who is Founder of the organisation and her personal anger and hatred for Betty Makoni should not be used to make unwarranted attacks on our charity. Betty Makoni is based in UK and has no day to day connection with operations of GCN Zimbabwe since three years ago.

We are an organisation which has massively invested in girls and we own a number of properties in Zimbabwe and thanks to local authorities and some traditional chiefs who donated pieces of land where we operate from without worries over rentals.

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe like many other charities rely on donor funding and we are pleased to announce that for 2011 Stephen Lewis Foundation and Bernard Van Leer have made commitments to support Girl Child Network Zimbabwe and those familiar with processes in receiving donor funding know an organisation must pass due diligence and this is at stage where we are.

As a non profit making organisation we have always relied on volunteers who give their time and over a decade we have relied on such committed men and women. Being a professional organisation any one of our staff or volunteers in need of help and support always get it from our Human Resources Department led by Ekenia Chifamba.

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe for the second time now wishes to inform all our supporters that Betty Makoni did a smooth transition to young women leaders based here in Zimbabwe . She has supported us with advice and we have autonomy to run the organisation the way we feel fit.

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe wishes to inform all our donors that we have joined other African countries who are part of Girl Child Network Worldwide but our organisation is an autonomy running its own affairs. We consider any information being shared with public uncalled for. Given many girls needing our help we welcome more people who want to help volunteer their expertise in Zimbabwe. Together we should keep the work for girls forward and offer support as many girls rely on it. Many of us were assisted by Girl Child Network Zimbabwe and it is time to plough back. This work is about helping the most vulnerable girls and focussing our energies on girls as the  need is huge in Zimbabwe.

Any donors who want to engage us should feel welcome as we have everything at our disposal to deliver good programs for girls.

For all staff and volunteers who are helping girls in Zimbabwe, please note our Monday and Friday debriefing meetings are platforms to build our work and share best practices on assisting girls. As you know we have a media policy and all of us are professional and would never write an article on our work and include a woman who is thousands of miles away  and is not even aware what we are doing on a daily basis. We remain guided with spirit of volunteerism and non profit making as per founding principles and values of Girl Child Network since 1998. Being at Girl Child Network Zimbabwe remains a voluntary choice.

Members of press who want to keep up to date with our voluntary work should contact

Kumbirai L. Kahiya Chikowero


Girl Child Network Zimbabwe

Communications and Public Relations Officer

( Acting Director)

Physical address: 16352

Bazooka Crescent

Zengeza 4


Mobile : +263 772 691 613

Web site www.gcnzimbabwe.org

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