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There is a girl aged 7 who died of unknown cause in rural Rusape in 1942 in Muzvare Betty Makoni`s family and that was her aunt, older sister to her father. When Muzvare Betty Makoni was born on 22 June 1971, she was named Hazviperi Betty Makoni and her family found it fit for her to carry the name of a girl who died aged 7 of a mysterious disease. Hazviperi means something that does not come to an end and however hard this name is to spell and pronounce for foreigners this is what Muzvare Betty Makoni’s heritage is.

My mother died at age 33 on 27 January 1981-Rest In Peace

Hazviperi means something that does not come to an end. And true to the point  Muzvare Betty Makoni  has fought patriarchy and violence against girls and it is an endless struggle that will take decades ahead. Like her great great grandfather Chingaira Makoni beheaded on 6 September 1896 because he defended his people and their  land from British  settlers, Muzvare Betty Makoni is a warrior. What she believes in she makes sure she fights to the end like her ancestors. The surname Makoni was given as a nickname meaning “you have outdone me” from people from Madziwa people.

Establishment of Makoni Kingdom 

Below is picture of Chief Chingaira who was beheaded by the British on 6 September 1896. He was a fighter for social justice and resisted the British taking land from the local people.

c.1635 Maungwe state founded.

Rulers (title Mambo)
…. – 1831 Makoni IX Muswati
1831 – 183. Makoni X Zendera
183. – 1840 Mukunyadze (usurper)
1840 – 1865 Makoni XI Nyamahindi
1865 – 1889 Makoni XII Muruko
1889 – 4 Sep 1896 Makoni XIII Mutota (Chingaira)
1896 – 1921 Makoni XIV Ndapfunya-Great grandfather of Muzvare Betty Makoni

Standing on Chitsotso Royal Mountain, Rusape , Zimbabwe
Standing on Chitsotso Royal Mountain, Rusape , Zimbabwe

Muzvare is a Royal Title given to every girl or woman born in the Makoni family in Zimbabwe.Muzvare means Her Royal Highness or Princess. One of the women to fight in the war was Masara and his brothers and fathers honoured her with title Muzvare and since then it has been passed from generation to generation.

The Princesses are buried at Sacred Mountain of Chitsotso in Rusape and this is where Muzvare Betty Makoni was officially conferred with an honour to take over the mountain from 400 years ago and revive it into the Girls Empowerment Village and this has become a global village for girls not only from the royal family but from all over the county or even beyond who want to heal from rape trauma, get leadership and empowerment skills.

Muzvare Betty Makoni standing on royal mountain in Rusape, Zimbabwe
Muzvare Betty Makoni standing on royal mountain in Rusape, Zimbabwe

In 2004 Chief Makoni and elders in the village officially had a traditional ceremony where they bestowed Muzvare with title of being the official authority at the most respected shrine at Chitsotso (meaning small wood which girls in the Royal family put down to rest and play after firewood gathering)when Betty Makoni build the first Girls Empowerment Village to continue with culture of respecting female members of the family and protecting them from abuse.But most importantly today Betty Makoni is symbolic of power to protect girls from the most revered shrines in the country and the replication of The Girl Child Empowerment Model worldwide.Nothing ets done in Makoni family without consultation and approval of Muzvare.

From the power bestowed upon her at the Princess Mountain Betty Makoni has grown to be the President and Advocate of girls worldwide.As if CNN Heroes Team knew about this ,Nicole Kidman honoured her with a worldwide heros award-Protecting the powerless.This is exactly what Chief Makoni and the elders in his court did in 2004 and so everywhere Betty Makoni has gene the same honour has been bestowed on her
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>BELIEFS AND RELIGION</strong></p>
<a href=""><span style="color: #000000;">In the Royal Mountain of Chitsotso in Rusape, is a </span>portrait<span style="color: #000000;"> of Muzvare Betty Makoni bestowed with </span>honour<span style="color: #000000;"> to preside over the holy mountain.</span><img class=" wp-image-2911 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="441" height="293" /></a>
<p style="text-align: left;">First and foremost, Muzvare Betty Makoni respects everyone with a religion and a belief. She will never impose her religion on the girls she helps and therefore she desists from uttering religious sayings during her empowerment programs. However, she was baptised at age 12 in the Roman Catholic church at Chishawasha Mission. She later spent everyday of her life attending mass and she was in the Legion of Mary. Catholicism influenced her whole religious life. There is no Sunday Muzvare Betty Makoni has ever missed mass. She then got married in the Anglican church and she joined Mother
s Union.

But her other side is that as a Princess she holds with strongest respect religion of her African people. She went at length to study Shona and Cultural studies which deepened her appreciation of her ancestors. She says that not a day in her life will she call her ancestors evil. She loves Mbira dance and every ceremony done to bring her people together in what they believe.


Crowned Yeye Ashiwaju Omoba’ of Afrika~ the ‘Mother & Leader of African Princesses’ by ‘Beere’ of a True Royal & Direct Grand Daughter of Oba William Christopher Adedoyin Anoko Akarigbo II of Sagamu, Remoland, Nigeria West Africa.

It is with much Humility of spirit that I pay Royal Homage to Muzvare Betty Makoni, a True Blue Blood Zim Princess, my Royal Sistah and Kindred Spirit…Be assured that even here in the Diaspora You Muzvare Betty Hazviperi Makoni are Still our Afrikan Princess and most definitely ~#FirstAmongstEquals

Muzvare Betty Makoni officially installed as Mother of Princesses by Princess Deun
Let it be Proclaimed that by the Powers invested in me as my Father's 'Beere' of a True Royal & Direct Grand Daughter of Oba WilliamChristopher Adedoyin Anoko Akarigbo II of Sagamu, Remoland, Nigeria West Africa...I have by the Authority of our Royal Ancestors, Kings, Royal Elders, but Most of all with God's Approval & Blessings...our Beloved Sistah & Royal Daughter of Africa Muzvare Betty Makoni has been Installed & Crowned the 'Yeye Ashiwaju Omoba' of Afrika~ the 'Mother & Leader of African Princesses'...To further harness the Great work she is already doing both on the African Continent & across the Globe!...So It is Done!...Glory be to God in The Highest!!!
Princess Deun Arize Adedoyin-Solarin MuzvareBetty Makoni is a true Princess from the Makoni tribe of Manika land in Zimbabwe...And for all her great works and efforts to bring 'Consciousness' to the plight of the African Girl Child & Woman...and as a bonafide Daughter of Afrika She is Installed & 'Crowned' the Pan Afrikan 'Yeye Ashiwaju Omoba'...It is Done!!

In Zimbabwe we have Totems-animal behaviour defined one`s character.Muzvare Betty Makoni totem is Nyati -BUFFALO one of the big five animals in Zimbabwe. They say Nyati Imhenyu-meaning a buffalo is ever alive. When you praise or thank people of her  tribe below is how you do it...our attributes had to do with bravery,generosity,love,kindness,pride, hospitality,royalty......whether everyone agrees or not is not the issue, the issue is Muzvare Betty Makoni is Nyati, Shonga, Mhenyu

Muzvare Betty Makoni Is A Girl Child Rights Activist, UK Gender Based Violence Expert,CNN Hero, Speaker, Published Author & Poet, Theatre Director, Educationist, Philanthropist, Ashoka Fellow, Human Rights Defender, Mentor, Trainer, Coach, One of 150 Women Who Shake The World, Social Critic, Critical Thinker, Mother &Wife

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