I am no longer a poor orphaned girl-Betty Makoni speaking at Vimba London Fundraiser

Photo here shows Betty Makoni and her brother and sister at a critical time of their lives.They lost their mother when Betty was aged 9,Ellah aged 6 and Tatenda aged 1. Even though they had many relatives who could have helped them many abused them and on this day Tatenda and Ellah visited Betty at St Dominic`s ,Tatenda had a swollen hand ,he had been badly beaten and Ellah struggled everyday with her siblings but she was too young to do much.

When a charity called Vimba that supports Zimbabwean orphaned and poor children invited Betty Makoni to their event to speak , she accepted  to do so as she feels she is duty bound to speak on behalf of orphaned and neglected children.

`I am going to share what I went through and how I suffered as a girl with no mother. Many people dont know this pain stays forever. I believe this fundraiser by Vimba will go a long way in supporting underprivildged people. As a child vendor I know if you shout out what you are selling people come to help.In same vain I will shout out orphaned children are suffering and people will be moved to help. Come hear what I went through so that no children goes through the same. `

Tatenda  graduated in  with a Bio Medical degree 2011 thanks to UK government that supported with scholarship to University. Ellah is in Australia with her three children  graduating in nursing this year. Our eldest brother passionately known as Davie  is a graduate science  teacher in South Africa. I am here as Global Advocate for girls and I have worked for girls all my life.  All of us did very well and our  story must inspire poor children who grow up motherless that if you keep focus and work hard  you will make a break through

Being a poor and orphaned child is a double tragedy but with empowerment one can grab opportunities and move forward.

Vimba Fundraiser details are here and all information about event is obtained from their website  http://www.vimba.co.uk/