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Trajectory(Work in progress and keep coming)
There is a price we pay for being activists.For me they wanted to see me broken down and with nothing. They wanted to destroy the whole organisation and then myself. I had only me to hold me very strong. I knew I had done nothing wrong and that I could carry on the work but from another place. Here I am and still going. I was born to be a victor and not a victim-Betty Makoni
  • 1998 to 2001 formation of GCN at Zengeza 1 High in a classroom with  ten girls but network spills over to many schools. First funding from Global fund for women to help set up girls centre cum shelter in Chitungwiza.
  • 2001 first institutional capacity building funding from Oxfam Novib and organisation transforms from volunteers into employees.
  • 2001-2002  GCN expands and sets up Girls Empowerment Villages. All award monies used to build Girls Empowerment Villages.
  • 2003 Muzvare Betty Makoni  was arrested and spent one year in and out of courts on allegations of running GCN illegally.Shelter in Chitungwiza was closed and girls in shelter sent to children`s prison.Won an international award for creativity in rural life .This is when international exposure started.
  • 2004 Hwange and Chihota Empowerment Villages up and running and many girls getting help. Thousands of men arrested and girls assisted. The name Betty Makoni spreads far and wide.
  • From November 2005 Muzvare Betty Makoni was  arrested on allegations that I had crafted the Murambatsvina report presented to UN security council by Anna Tibaijuka UN Envoy
  • 2005 there was a whole page in Herald linking me to this written by Caesar Zvayi their political editor -Governmenet said Muzvare was a spy because she had made presentations on Murambatsvina to UN
  • 2006 Muzvare Betty Makoni  intervened in the case of Musindo and then again  was threatened and then she  fought back until case was heard in Lower court-she became more targeted
  • 2006- too many undercover hands in the charity;donors saying   they want to see something  in place, government wants charity closed, other NGOs feel donors giving more attention to GCNZ , daily backlash from everyone, consultants come with recommendations after an evaluation, leadership transition put in place. Too many hands in  the organisation but Muzvare Betty Makoni keeps strong. Plans to hijack organisation and give it to another woman favoured by a consultant. Accusation after accusation.
  • September 2007 Muzvare Betty Makoni was arrested together with a US fIlm maker who had come to work on our documentary .Some one in GCN reported this woman  was CIA and up until March 2008 I was in and out of newspapers for all bad things
  • June  2008  Muzvare Betty Makoni  left Zimbabwe fully aware that she  was on a hitlist and she  would not come back again. She went to live in Botswana and was determined to help women raped youth militia. She initiated deposition of evidence together with AIDS FREE WORLD.
  • May 2008  – Now in Botswana and on leadership transition in GCN to save organisation from further backlash .Had she stayed it could have been worse.  Directorate and board in place . Muzvare Betty Makoni does a handover and takeover with Directorate.
  • May 2009- New Executive Director finalised and in place. Executive Director announced and all the inductions and introductions and handover of GCNZ assets and everything signed for by new Executive Officer.
  • September 2009 with help of Ashoka, Muzvare Betty Makoni launches Girl Child Network Worldwide in Essex , UK and had to face a new country and new challenges. Still undercover operating via internet stalk her. She is brave and never backs off. The world starts to invite her to speak about her life and work. The movement now is at global level. Sept 2009 Muzvare Betty Makoni  announces  formally she  steps down as GCN Executive Director to take up another international role. KPMG audit done and presented to Oxfam Novib and no fraud evident in report and Oxfam Novib never makes a public statement on KPMG report leaving stalkers to use their newspaper reports via Herald reporters. New Executive Director and board take over the organisation, assets and bank accounts. Press release to formally announce Muzvare Betty Makoni is no longer Executive Director of GCN Zimbabwe and that she would expand her mission and vision elsewhere.
CNN Hero award
CNN Hero award

Ropafadzo Mapimhidze was a double faced woman working in GCNZ and at one point she felt like saving Muzvare Betty Makoni`s life and then again she wrote to bogus online newspapers using false name and defamed her. Below is email she sent to Muzvare Betty Makoni on 3 March 2008

Dear Betty

Attached is draft report from Women`s coalition of Zimbabwe. emanating from
Tuesday and Wednesday workshop we attended (me shorai
and rose) last week. It was depressing as gloom and
doom was what featured throughout. Zimbabwe is on
You are apparently one of the gender activists
targeted by authorities. Rindai aona nhamo izvozvi. I
dont want youi to get hurt and for what betty?
Becvause of vana Msindo. This is rubbish and I pray
for youir safety everyday. But their days are numbered

and that is for sure.

Will try download from Zol. I managed to send stuff
yesterday from last week because zol was down and when
I tried responding yesterday, battery went flat. Am
yet to get adaptor for round plugs or altenatively
remove it and replace it with a square noe but I do no
want to tamper with these gadgets and I suggest Mr
Nyamapfeni brings adaptors to suit the laptops nokuti
akaramba achobatwa batwa they end up being damaged. Am
guarding mine so jealously.
Will give you update later in day.
God bless you Betty.
p/s the snippets on whjat indepence means for us women
was done at the meeting in where we were reviewing
pollswhen reyhana asked what I wanted to be called and
betty-bio-150x150I said whatever you think is appropriate. She
apparently was not aware I had left Zimpapers and that
is what I realised at the meeting. They kept pointuing
at me as teh Herald. Veduwe Herald yakazondwa and I am
sad cos i worked there for so longer and never
realised that anger. Maiwe. Its terrible and I thank
you for rescuing me from theose jaws.
I asked some senior scribes if they were aware of your
being targeted and they said last time yes but were
not sure of your situation now. But vanhu vese in the
Women’s Movement say you are a target.



Muzvare Betty Makoni Is A Girl Child Rights Activist, UK Gender Based Violence Expert,CNN Hero, Speaker, Published Author & Poet, Theatre Director, Educationist, Philanthropist, Ashoka Fellow, Human Rights Defender, Mentor, Trainer, Coach, One of 150 Women Who Shake The World, Social Critic, Critical Thinker, Mother &Wife

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