Help Talk Line for women and girls -Don`t die in silence- seek help

My radio show Muzvare Betty Makoni for women and girls empowerment brings you a Help Talk Line .Just click at 6pm UK time and you are in studio to take part

There are times when you are in a situation where everything is upside down and you need to talk to someone.There are times when you must save your one life.There are times when you are bereaved and you need a shoulder to cry on.

My show today opens a Help Talk Line for women and girls to think about some options available when their lives are threatened with violence and death. You are welcome to share your story (without your name if you choose not to) so that we try and think of what can be done

The question we have today is are there any places women and girls can turn to when faced by an emergency situation or when they live in violence and if nothing is done urgently that one life can be lost ?Is there any help where we are and can be satisfied with services to save our lives? If such services are available why dont we use them?For those with services for women and girls what issues are coming your way and how are you helping out ?What is that we need to save lives ?I receive at least ten life threatening cases of women and girls via my facebook daily.Do you receive any calls for help from women?What can we do to help and who can offer the help we need to save and serve women?

Call in and lets talk as it is an open show today