Gloria Upchurch on Safe birth delivery with Clean Delivery kits

We must find finding solutions to the problems women face with health care such as pregnancy and child birth in Developing Countries.  My guest  Gloria Upchurch will focus on these challenges women currently face, and finding solutions such as  “Clean Delivery Kits” and I will represent DFW, and discuss the nonprofit orgs that we partner with and donate to foster healthcare and safe deliveries in developing countries.

“Evey Child deserves a Healthy Beginning.  Every Woman deserves a Safe Deliver

A woman in sub-Saharan Africa has a 1 in 16 chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth compared to 1 in 8700 in North America and northern Europe. Infections are one of the leading causes of maternal deaths in developing countries. Unavailability of basic supplies and equipment, trained staff, and adequate transportation are endemic. (WHO, 2007)

Women living in remote areas are often unable to walk the distance to a clinic before going into labor, giving birth on the side of  the road under a tree or bush. For that reason, many women opt to deliver at home where the risk of infection and often death is high.Clean Delivery Kits (CDK)  will provide these women with the opportunity to have a cleaner and safer delivery by equipping them with essential supplies. Imagine a baby or a mother surviving because of a simple kit all for less than the cost of coffee and dessert at your favorite coffee shop! Clean Delivery Kits  are inexpensive and often life saving

Guest:   Gloria Upchurch,  Founder of A Global Connection

Gloria Upchurch is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in social documentary, and lifestyle imagery. She has documented projects advocating sustainable agriculture, environmental, healthcare, education, and social injustice on 6 continents. Gloria has concentrated on grassroots, NGO’s, relief and development organizations helping them in their visual communication needs.

Gloria is the Executive Director of A Global Connection. Gloria has designed a “Clean Delivery Kit” for women in developing countries.  AGC engages in fundraising efforts, expertise outreach and initial project/program management.  In order to ensure sustainability of its projects, AGC requests local involvement through service and volunteerism from donor communities and government support.  This collaborative approach fosters ownership and accountability, ensuring pride within recipient communities and program success.

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