Girls in Zimbabwe excel academically-Call for Universities to give scholarships

Many times we just think about girls breaking into male dominated fields and we encourage them to work hard and they take our advice seriously. Here I have a case of a young woman who emailed me and she is amongst thousands of girls who belong to Girl Child Network Zimbabwe ,an organisation I founded in 1998 with thousands of empowered girls who have taken the legacy of the organisation forward even when I am so far away and cannot inspire them as much as I could

Rumbidzai Chido Chikava joined Girl Child Network Zimbabwe in 2001 and this must be the early days when we marched through villages encouraging girls to go to school. Her mother is an inspiration to me and she is one of thousands of teachers in Zimbabwe earning less than 200 dollars per month but who through sheer hard work kept her daughter in boarding school. Today her daughter has a string of 9 As at ordinary level and this is the highest mark a student can get in the country. This year Rumbidzai announces that she has 15 points in Maths ,Accounting and Business studies and again this is the highest mark obtained by a car living in such a poor environment like her

In her email(by the way scores of girls from Zimbabwe are reaching me through email and face book ) to me Rumbidzai shared something that touched my heart and made me think how hard I should knock on every University in USA ,UK and Canada to allow  girls  from Zimbabwe to pursue University studies as our University has been facing challenges on student loans and grants for the past 10 years

Rumbidzai wrote ,’ In myself i have found great potential which i would like to put to great use in helping other people realise their own potential and to make Zimbabwe a better place for every girl child .I aspire to study actuarial science or accounting and given the opportunity would greatly appreciate if i could get the chance to pursue my studies.`

The first thing I have done so far is to send this email to a great friend and supporter of girls ,Ray Jackson who has helped some girls I referred to him. So far the girls have done exceptionally well and one of them Esther Saidi has received a Presidential scholarship for scoring the highest points. I have full confidence my colleague Ray Jackson will take this case.

I also have a colleague of mine who works for USAP program in Zimbabwe and her name is Rebecca Mano and I am confident when Rebecca picks this one out she will do everything to do

It is my desire we help one girl at a time and all girls who have received assistance have done very well and they always go back to their communities to do something to help

If you want to help Rumbidzai and the list of girls I have please email me direct on