Girl Child Network Zimbabwe welcomes constructive critics to help keep our work strong

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe is a registered charity in Zimbabwe and keeps supporting girls at risk with help from many donors and supporters in and outside Zimbabwe. The organisation relies on any individuals and organisations with knowledge and skills to help in whatever way possible. We have solely depended on communities, friends,families and donors to keep our work going.

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe also wishes to inform members of the public that Vio Mak and her online newspapers have no connection with our charity here in Zimbabwe and any news generated from  her websites via her many syndicates do not represent our charity or any of our partners whose contractual agreements we have in our possession and which will remain confidential as long as our current contracts run. We also wish to inform members of the public that at no point have we shared any reports or donor reports with any newspaper or media house as we have no authority to share them as per donor agreements. No donor has authority to share any reports with Vio Mak and her online newspapers as per our contractual agreements as such information can be abused and changed to suit whatever agenda someone has .The rules governing sharing of organisational reports remain the obligation of Girl Child Network Zimbabwe only. In the same vein, Girl Child Network Zimbabwe has no right to share Viomak Charity reports with any members of the public as that way we abuse what her charity stands for should we alter or part of her reports or share with public without her written and signed consent.

Any so called donor reports from Oxfam Novib  Vio Mak is  allegedly circulating have nothing to do with reports our charity have generated and any reports members of the public get on her website or on any social media networks have nothing to do with our charity and they do not represent anything we stand for.

As long as reports are generated by her syndicates we ask members of the public to discard of them and email us direct and request for reports should you need any as we have reports since formation in 1998 and all those were submitted to donors and they are certified copies and signed . Any reports that do not bear our signatures and unique stamps are not generated by us and our donors.

Girl Child Network Zimbabwe remains a professional organisation headed by Kumbirayi Kahiya Chikowero and at the moment she is the legal representative of the organisation with authority to share any reports generated by the organisation via our blogs and social networks. Not a single day have we asked Vio Mak and her syndicate to speak on our behalf as we have a professional Public relations and media department responsible for sharing reports.

Members of the public  should know that Girl Child Network Zimbabwe has contractual agreements with donors and we have procedures to share and distribute reports but not via Vio Mak`s websites or any websites. We have a functional website on and all our reports are uploaded there for any potential funders and donors. Any reports coming from third parties may have been altered or changed to suit whatever hidden agendas they may have and therefore they are null and void.

There are over 15 000 charities here in Zimbabwe and why has Vio Mak singled out  only Girl Child Network Zimbabwe as only charity she must continuously attack and harass. It should be clear to the public that everything we suffer to try and help can meet a lot of people like her who feel we must be thwarted and silenced. We also want to inform members of the organisation that we work with individuals who  find easy to just criticise from outside without understanding the many dynamics we have to deal with in order to help girls.

Like any organisation our work has successes and failures, strengths and weakness and  constructive critics  should know our doors remain open for you to come and help us in any way possible. As per our routine calls, anyone who feels can help us be better please feel welcome.

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