Esther Saidi celebrates Betty Makoni`s 40th birthday believes she is mother,mentor and heroin to millions of girls

When Betty Makoni met Esther Saidi at 12 years old she saw a poor deprived girl at face value but when her vision to empower girls opened her more she saw 12 year old Esther as the future woman leader.True to her vision ,Esther is topping in all her studies in USA with a string of 7As for every semester

Below is message Esther posted on facebook for Betty

To a great mother, mentor and friend, here is wishing you a  Happy Birthday. One that’s filled with joy and happiness for your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of you to the whole world. I know you love flowers and today i have decided to send you way a different, yet beutiful flower, one that you made possible to see the dawn of light and survive. You have cared for hundreds of girls despite proximity as you have  inspired millions including little girls whose stories sometimes go untold. Happy birthday mum. Your work is truly exceptionally great and amazing. You are the best heroin and mum in the whole world and i love you very much .

In her response from Paris where Betty Makoni is attending a conference to celebrate Ashoka 30th anniversary with hundreds of other change makers she simply said ,`Girls like Esther are not ordinary girls at all.I know them to be the best that the world has and am happy I played just a little part in making the world know that some invisible girls are the next generation of women leaders.I will do that in the next 40 years and I know Esther and others will join.Esther is the first name that comes to mind when I see a girl,I know like Esther Saidi every girl has power in them that needs to be unleashed.I commit to this work now that England gives an enabling environment to show what I can do.`

Esther and many other girls keep empowerment of girls going and now it will be wherever you are

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  1. BEAUTIFUL STUFF ESTHER !!! We are all happy for our Muzvare Heroine Betty Makoni!She is a symbol of love,unity,humbleness and peace.HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY MUZVARE BETTY MAKONI!!!

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