Dumi Senda The Poet heads to Oxford-Follow one of the most Inspirational Zimbabwean men in UK

My heartfelt congratulations go to Dumi Senda, the Poet as he is passionately known. During his studies I was honoured to be invited to speak at a conference he had arranged at his University, Leeds Beckett University  to share strategies to end child sexual abuse. I was so convinced he was an extraordinary student because he tackled child sexual abuse in a way that changed me. And of course when men of quality and equality stand up to protect children from sexual abuse we must record them as heroes of our history. Today, Dumi announced that he is heading to Oxford University after scoring highly for his degree Please let me be part of his academic journey. Dumi Senda is exceptional.

Below is  Dumi Senda`s  official announcement.

Friends, I am pleased to share with you some good news. I have achieved a First in my degree in International Relations and Peace (Hons), and have been accepted to do a Masters in African Studies at the University of Oxford. My academic journey was prompted by a rejection, told that I could not participate in a conference because I was a ‘mere activist’ and not an academic. While I found this elitist and grossly shortsighted, I took it as a challenge to show that anyone of us can become anything they set themselves to be. Today, I remain proud to be an activist, fighting for equality and humanitarianism. However, my story demonstrates that ordinary people like me, with a passion to serve society, can achieve a lot from very little. I hope to use my story to inspire others who are considering going back to study. If I can do it, you CAN do it too!

Child Sexual Abuse Seminar organised by Dumi Senda at Leeds  Beckett University-November 2014