CNN Hero Betty Makoni to speak at Black Women`s Conference 2012

The Black Students’ Campaign represents more than one million students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean descent at a local and national level on all issues affecting Black students.

The Black Students’ Campaign is an autonomous part of NUS. This means that Black students elect the national officer and committee and pass policy at the Summer conference. This policy shapes the Campaign’s work …to ensure the Black perspective is fully integrated into the fabric of all students’ unions and wider society.

Black Women who are elected unto the national committee organise events to ensure that issues affecting Black women are addressed and kept at the forefront of priority campaigns.

Anti-Racism,  Anti-Fascism.

Black Representation

Equality in Education

The first half of the conference will include two panel discussions followed by a Q&A(This portion will not be exclusive to Black women)

Ain’t I a woman?

-The need for Black Women’s Campaigns, Black Representation and the History of Whitewash in women’s campaigns/movements

Black women, Black spaces

-Challenges we face within our own communities, How to overcome and unite the community in the continued struggle
The second half of the conference will include women’s only workshops:
BARAC-Black women and the cuts
A history of Black women’s activism/movements (and a simple toolkit)
Black Women in Academia-overcome, empower
Black female representation on campus and how to apply this within your student unions


UK Black feminists,
Shaista Gohir MBE, Global Campaign Strategist at Oxfam. “Former Executive Director of Muslim Women’s Network UK”.

CNN Hero, Global Child Rights Hero, Ashoka Fellow  Author and Poet, Betty Makoni, Founder and Director of Girl Child Network
Tamsila Tauqir MBE, Director at Safra Project
Zena Edwards, writer and performance poet and many others to be confirmed

Workshops will also be held for Black women in order to empower them to seek equal representation within their relative communities and in particular their student unions!

Jointly organised and sponsered by: University of London Union and the NUS Women’s Campaign

Please contact the Black Students Campaign women’s committee memebers if you wish to help sponsor the event:

Date: 4th March 2012. Time: 10:30am to 4:30 pm (REGISTRATION STARTS FROM 9:30) Lunch and refreshments will be providedDonations are also most welcome