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Mother of two boys aged 11 and 5 murdered in domestic violence in Zimbabwe

Another life of a mother lost in domestic violence in Zimbabwe.

I receive lots of messages via my Facebook inbox but the message on the gruesome murder of a mother of two boys aged 11 and 5  in a small town of Zimbabwe called Kadoma on 15 May 2017  shook my innermost spirit. The news of the loss of life of this ordinary woman was silenced about. The man took an iron bar and hit her not once but until he was sure she was down and dead.

Clifford Mararahanda the husband is now in High Maximum prison and appeared before the court on 30 May 2017.

Nancy Chiwaridzo Goliath had sought refuge with a relative. However, the relative thought through mediation things would work out with her husband but to no avail. It is just a day after the relative left that Nancy was murdered in cold blood and in front of neighbours.  Graphic pictures of her face in the mortuary which cannot be shared on this site show that she bled from the nose, mouth and her ears were torn into pieces.

Many people who tried to come to save Nancy’s life said they risked their lives because they had witnessed her suffer for the 11 years she was married. They said many people in the township knew her to be kind, loving and always hard working.

Those who wish to send support and solidarity to her two little boys can call, text or WhatsApp  Pastor Tar on 00263 773610570. 

Nancy was laid to rest in her village and her two children have a long journey ahead and we can all support them. Rest in peace Nancy.

Rest in peace Nancy.