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Betty Makoni`s Official Autobiography is out:Six hundred pages of only truth

Betty Makoni`s Autobiography is coloured purple- this is to make every reader feel royal. The book has truth and only truth. A lot of book signing events are lined up. Just everyone wants a copy. It is the 21st Century activist`s tool- a personal story that has changed lives of millions of girls across the world.

It is a 600 page book – six books bound in one and contains life story of a woman who worked at grass roots and changed the lives of many. Many people read bits and pieces about Betty Makoni but now everything is one book and with one story line.

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The story is now all yours so that you keep strong and focused on your mission and vision.

This is the book until the world becomes a better place for women and girls.

The journey to Empowerment with Betty Makoni -By Edinah Masanga – Executive Director Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa

The journey to Empowerment with Betty Makoni

By Edinah Masanga – Executive Director
Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa

Women Empowerment Foundations Southern Africa began a journey to empowerment with Betty Makoni at time when the organization was in critical need for strengthening.

We needed to learn from someone who is a passionate activist, someone who lives, eats and dreams activism with a passion. WEFSA was looking for a mentor whose models of empowerment have been tried and tested and whose excellence has been accepted and recognized worldwide.

There was no one perfect to do the job than Betty Makoni. We saw Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa becoming a force to reckon with. When I wrote to her and told her who I was and what I wanted to do, I think she could read the passion and determination in my words.
At first we never believed that this world icon would listen to me, that she could possibly find time in her busy and important schedule for one small organisation and one woman with one dream; Women Empowerment. But she did.
We were so overjoyed when she agreed to do the mentoring and organizational development.

From that day Betty held our hand, she designed an organisational development program and committed hours on end every week coaching us. Teaching me how to transform the organisation from just grassroots to grassroots with a purpose.
We would be spend six hours in a session and sometime I would ask her if she wanted to take a break and her answer was always ” Edinah let’s get this done”.
That day I realised why it was so easy for people all over the world to see her dedication and honor her hard work. Why her excellence reverberates globally and why the world has raised their heads recognized her.

She has such amazing passion and strength. Betty transformed Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa into an organisation with a clear vision, mission and purpose.
The journey with her was amazing, she was so patient with us. She took us through how to mobilise resources for the organisation to achieve its objectives. She introduced us to people in the development world, she taught us the development language. She helped us translate our passion, our knowledge into action.

Betty Makoni will always be the woman who made the dream a reality and the one who turned the passion into action. For me personally, it was victory over the night when my dreams nearly came to a halt, when being a girl was a curse.
Thank you Betty.

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