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Invitation to Girl Child Network Worldwide Donors, Trustees and Volunteers Day-29 August 2015

Girl Child Network Worldwide invites you all to a day of inspiration where those making the most contribution to the charity meet to share and help develop the charity further. The number of individuals signing up to donate at least £3 monthly is rising daily and therefore we feel we have to meet at least once a year to know you better and to hear  from such extraordinary individuals. Yes we receive your donation but we also value building lasting relationships with you all. It is vital to find time and space to keep each other well informed about the charity and how you can support further.

On the day we expect to present our annual report and progress and allow feedback and comments from our donors, volunteers and trustees. Each one present will be given a platform to speak, make contributions and help shape mission and vision of Girl Child Network Worldwide. We value feedback from our donors, trustees and volunteers. This is a special day we set aside to meet and talk and strategise.

It is a ‘bring and share’ day and please bring any drink or food to share with others. Please bring a friend too. Family members are welcome. Girls who want to join Girl Child Network Worldwide as members and for future training are also welcome.

Time: 11am to 4pm

Venue: Basildon Enterprise Centre, 33 Nobel Square, SS13 1LT, Basildon

Please if you wish to be part of this great day, do not hesitate to contact us and confirm attendance on 07951522790 or email us on New donors, volunteers and trustees will be officially welcomed on the day and asked to share about their future aspirations with the charity.

Muzvare Betty Makoni

On behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide


Muzvare Betty Makoni to speak at END FGM Fundraiser

 Upstairs at the Ritzy (Ritzy Cinema), Brixton Oval, London, SW2 1JG

Saturday 12 April, 7.00. £7.


This event aims to raise awareness around the practice of Female Genital Mutilation.  It is estimated that approximately 100-140 million women have undergone FGM and each year millions more girls are at risk of the practice worldwide.

By bringing together a variety of proactive individuals and organisations, who are working towards changing attitudes and eliminating FGM, we hope to create awareness around this issue.

One creative response will be from The Nomadic Reading Room – a library of artists books, art writing and interactive printmaking, who will present content in response to FGM. DIY posters will be produced on-site as rubbings of slogans spelled out in moveable type, which will be available to make and buy.

During the evening we welcome a range of guest speakers from leading UK charities such as Forward, Plan UK, The Girl Child Network and Daughters of Eve. With documentary films curated by DOC CON (a documentary film collective), music from Ravioli Me Away, a DJ set from SYMA and other responses to the topic from local Brixton businesses and artists.

All proceeds from this evening will go to the charities involved in this event.

 About the charities: 


The Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development – FORWARD – is an African Diaspora women’s campaign and support charity (registered in the UK).

We exist to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights as central to the wellbeing of African women and girls. We work with individuals, communities and organisations to transform harmful practices and improve the quality of life of vulnerable girls and women.

FORWARD was established in 1983 in the UK, in response to the emerging problems caused by female genital mutilation being seen by health professionals. Since this time FORWARD has been working to eliminate the practice and provide support to women affected by FGM. At our twenty year review FORWARD formally incorporated into its mandate other issues allied to Female Genital Mutilation, in particular vesico-vagina and recto-vagina fistulae and child and forced marriage.

Girl Child Network

Girl Child Network Worldwide is the lead organisation in empowering and educating girls in Africa making it the only grassroots organisation for girls sharing its model beyond country of origin. Our Girl Child Empowerment Model  is replicated all over the world by everyone. We inspire girls to take leadership in  gender equality  at community level. We believe girls are not victims. They only need their potential unleashed so that they reach their full potential. We are here to inspire and empower so that girls aspire and achieve. We are confident of what we do because we have over 300 000 girls we supported through girls clubs in Zimbabwe and now they are women leaders all over the world.

Plan UK

Plan is a global children’s charity. We work with children in the world’s poorest countries to help them build a better future.

For over 75 years we’ve been taking action and standing up for every child’s right to fulfil their potential by:

  • giving children a healthy start in life, including access to safe drinking water
  • securing the education of girls and boys
  • working with communities to prepare for and survive disasters
  • inspiring children to take a lead in decisions that affect their lives
  • enabling families to earn a living and plan for their children’s future

With your support children, families and entire communities have the power to move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.

– See more at:

Daughters of Eve

Daughters of  Eve is a non profit organisation, that works to advance and protect the physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health rights of  young people from female genital mutilation practising communities.

We recognise female genital mutilation (FGM) as a form of gender-based violence, which therefore  reflects and reinforces inequities between men and women and compromises the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims. Daughters of Eve believe that young people need to be supported holistically and work with women and girls should be based on their needs and not the act of violence.

Daughters of Eve came about after its founders working with FGM practicing communities for many years identified the need for specialist support and advocate service for young people within these communities. 

About the Ritzy Cinema and Upstairs at the Ritzy

Awarded Best Local Cinema in London in 2006, 2009 and 2010, the Ritzy Picturehouse is one of the most successful neighbourhood cinemas south of the river.

Five screens, a music and events venue / bar (UPSTAIRS AT THE RITZY) and a café/restaurant, support a programme of both independent and wider release films backed up by regular Opera, Theatre and Ballet broadcasts, weekly Parents and Baby screenings, Kids’ Club and Toddler’s screenings, Autism-Friendly screenings, Students screenings, Late Night screenings , a regular schools programme and a host of one-off events


An Open Letter to Parents:Bring your daughter to Never Again Royal night

Dear Parents

I am sending this letter on behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide, an organisation that supports empowerment of girls. There is going to be a special event  on 5 April called Never again Royal night and it happens once a year to inspire their lives and impact them positively. The event is called Never again Royal night.

As you are aware many girls face so many problems like early pregnancy, drugs and joining gangs and sometimes as teens they get hooked in dangerous activities. Our charity always feels that we can be proactive and prevent. We don’t want to cry later knowing which issues we know we could prevent.

We are aware however, that this time, economic situation is very hard and as a parent we invite you to try your best and give your daughter a one chance day out for her to experience inspiration at Never again Royal night. The mistakes we made as women she will know. She will meet great women who achieved in their lives who they can relate to.

The whole day is spent on changing a girl and shaping her life goals. You also give your girl time to reflect on what she is currently doing and if not on the route of confidence and empowerment for her to reconsider joining our programs. In 2013 we had girls who attended and this has changed them forever. When we speak empowerment into their hearts girls want to change and reach life goals. But there is a price to go with it and we are writing to you because we know you are a parent who wants to invest something worth in a daughter. Just £40 allows your daughter to be part of the Never again Royal dinner. She will meet the best and best inspirational women who will inspire them for life. £34 pounds allows them to stay in a village retreat hotel and to experience life at its best. They wake to a full breakfast and networking day with girls of her age. They will share how the Never again night has changed them. 15 pounds allows them to get a 390 page inspirational book to change their lives forever.

They will be motivated to read every word in the book. When we say we empower and inspire we invest in girls in a way that makes us see our purpose on earth. Please do call 07951522790 and speak to Muzvare Betty Makoni direct and hear specific details of how you can prepare your daughter to attend. We have a flier with all details and send a message on for you to receive a copy. We can’t wait to welcome you and your daughter.

Hopefully we will hear from you

On behalf of Muzvare Betty Makoni

CEO-Girl Child Network Worldwide