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Zimbabwe Lawyer`s urgent appeal for help to rescue activists from government torture

The message below is an urgent appeal by Tendai Biti to rescue Zimbabwean activists arrested by the government.

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On the 10 and 11 June 2016,the Harare magistrate court granted bail to the young activists who have been occupying Africa Unity Square on a 16 day protest against the regime.

Those granted bail and are still incarcerated are the following

Patson Dzamara. $1000
Pride Mukono $1000
Oliver Chikumba. $1000
Irvine Takavadii. $500
Tatenda Mombeyarara $1000
Shadreck Dhliwayo $500
Makomborero Haruzivishe $1000
Brian Kasunzuma. $500

Linda Masarira $500
Munezhu Mandova. $500
Pamela Mawire $500

Total $8000

The male activists are currently incarcerated at Harare Remand where they face the toxic face of the regime in the form of food shortages,lice ridden blankets and general harassment.

They however remain in solid spirits bar the fact that they feel let down.

The female activists are at Chikurubi with a different set of challenges .

Munezhu Mandova is nursing a three month old baby who was snatched away from her when she was picked up from the park on Thursday.The pain of motherhood envelops her like a fog.

Thankfully the girls have a lot of blankets as the place only has 90 prisoners after 285 were let out by Mugabe s amnesty.

However the reduction in prison population has meant a shortage of labor.The activists ,even though on remand are being forced to do forced labor which they tell me is as demeaning as it is excruciating .

They also complain of horrible food and the absence of sanitary arsenal.

As stated above ,these activists have been granted bail which remains outstanding.

Surely we owe them this little.

May I appeal for urgent help for the required bail money which must be paid to the great lawyers at the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZHLR)

I thank you in anticipation of your kindness.

Tendai Biti is on Facebook

Itayi Dzamara- the kidnapped Zimbabwean activist

Many people know Itayi Dzamara as an activist missing.  However, after the prayer day held in Zimbabwe, I now say here is a father to two beautiful children missing. He is also Sheffra`s husband, the most traumatised woman in the history of Zimbabwe. Yes he went missing some 4 months ago in Zimbabwe his homeland. He had gone to have his cut at the barber shop. Muzvare Betty Makoni has decided to include Itayi Dzamara on her website as a way to remember him as an activist but also to fight for his kids and wife and brother Dr Patson Dzamara to keep his vision for Zimbabwe high. No one kills a seed with so many farmers. It germinates and grows on and on.

Generally we have all concluded that Itayi Dzamara was abducted by Zimbabwe Government Secret Service.