Betty Makoni`s Autobiographer and Adopted Mother releases moving video for 40th birthday

Jo anne Pritchard is Betty Makoni`s Autobiographer and she is  an amazing woman of many talents  whose passion and compassion has inspired many people round the globe .Betty Makoni passionately calls her Mama as she is Betty Makoni`s adopted mother.

In a message posted on facebook Jo anne Pritchard wrote,

Happy 40th Birthday dear Muzvare! May the next 40 years be as wonderful and beneficial to women and girls as the last! This is the song you requested by sis Terri and Louise. I compiled a new video in your honour! Makorokoto dear dota!!

Link to video is below ;

In her response Betty Makoni posted message below on her facebook

Betty Makoni:Mama Jo-anne Pritchard thank you from deep down my heart.When I watched video I cried and called my mother to now rest in peace.I told her after all she suffered her picture would live on and on .I told her to know that she is loved by you and many women here.I told her to let me do the job whilst she rests in peace.If she keeps me crying I will not do much to help other girls and women..I love you mama and the video touched me forever

A close friend of Betty Makoni Tamara responded

Tamara Cucchiara Sitka Betty, your mom is resting in peace my friend. She is proud of you!! Betty, know that her love has sustained you and contributed to your life mission of rescuing and educating girls. You have accomplished more then most humans. It’s okay to cry and miss your mom…but you must know that she’s in peace now and is no longer suffering. love Tamara,

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