Betty Makoni Trustee for Restored UK- International Christian Alliance on violence against women


Tomorrow is yet another special day for me when I meet fellow trustees and our team of staff who are working hard to ensure RESTORED UK  is a strong International Alliance working to end violence against women by targeting churches in UK and across the world.

Today I share what we do at Restored and invite you all to support. Girl Child Network Worldwide networks in Africa are joining as members and this amplifies our voices.

There is no way we can keep silent about violence that happens in churches and is less talked about.

Please read about Restored and feel welcome to take part, donate or support in any way.


Restored is an International Christian Alliance to transform relationships and end violence against women


To end violence against women and transform relationships


We work to raise awareness & end of all forms of violence against women and to see relationships transformed. We believe the church can be a part of the answer. We want to see men and women working in partnership together to see violence against women ended.