Muzvare Betty Makoni thanks Zimbabwe Achievers Awards for giving to charities at successful event in London

I met so many amazing women and men at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards Dinner on  28 April 2012. I spoke on behalf of all charities present.

I would like to thank  Dereck Chisora who made a single 2k donation to all the charities.  As for Girl Child Network Worldwide  our funds have been sent to Zimbabwe to help sexually abused girls with their income generating project in bread making.  We believe a donation should empower and so we will do everything for the donation to multiply.

Congratulations  to all  winners and nominees. Below is a special poem I wrote for you all.  No one can take away an achievement and so we can  only  join and celebrate


Official statement from Conrad Mwanza-Founder and CEO of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards
On behalf of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards Committee and Panel, I would like to thank my fellow countrymen and friends of Zimbabwe who took time to attend the ZAA Dinner Gala on Saturday 28th April 2012
In 2011, we had set out to find common ground amidst Zimbabweans living in the UK… A platform whereby as a community; irrelevant of race, culture or political affiliation; we could come together in unity to find hope and to celebrate the wonderful and inspirational accomplishments of our fellow country women and men. Our aim had been to create a platform where Zimbabwean talent and achievement could be highlighted, and whereby people could be recognized whilst motivating fellow Zimbabweans to work with the same determination to reach excellence in everything they do. we are still small and in a small way we hope we can have a positive impact on our community
As you know, Zimbabweans are spread throughout the world with very few of us having any knowledge of the amazing and wonderful things our fellow country men and women are doing. Although our focus has primarily been the Zimbabwean community living in the UK, we have received increased interest to host similar events in South Africa and Zimbabwe as well as in the US. These are works in progress for the future, so please continue to support us in our endeavours to bring our global Zimbabwean community together in unity, finding hope inspiration and a reason to celebrate being Zimbabwean, through the success and achievements of other Zimbabweans worldwide.
An event such as this would not be possible without your support, and the support of our sponsors.
Moneygram International – MoneyGram’s involvement with ZAA proves its ongoing commitment to engaging and supporting the community. Their support of this event helps to strengthen an growing relationship with the Zimbabwean community, please consider using moneygram next time you send money home
Econet Mobile – A truly Zimbabwean company that has inspired many, please lets get behind Econet Mobile UK and use their sim cards, calls to UK mobiles cost only 5p per min and you can call home from 6p per min, if not for the good rates lets use it as its our own, Sim Cards can be ordered from
ZAA is always looking for strategic partners who together with us can share a platform from which to showcase the valuable and distinctive contribution made by members of the Zimbabwean community.All the award categories provide sponsors with exceptional brand exposure. The event will be a glamorous, quality-first occasion for which only the best is good enough.Naturally, sponsors’ brands will benefit by association. In addition, they will enjoy a direct route to key decision-makers within the community on the evening itself, as well as pre- and post-event, through extensive advertising, marketing and public relations activities. For Strategic Partnerships please email

I am happy to announce that we raised well over 3k for our chosen charities this year, also mainly thanks to Dereck Chisora who made a single 2k donation to all the charities, I hope this will go a long way in making a difference in someone else’s life, Charity has to begin at home and I’m encouraging you to do as much as you can to help our less privileged, God only helps those who help themselves

As part of our social responsibility, we chose 5 charities to support this year, we aim to support these charities pre and post the Awards Dinner through raffle tickets, auctions and more, please help us support these charities either through volunteering or by making a small donation. donations as little as £1 can go a long way TEXT ZAAF90 & Amount eg £1 to 70070

Ponayi – A Cancer and Aids Recovey Charity

Vimba – Feeding well over 200 children in 3 centres in Zimbabwe, Vimba continues to do their best, lets support their efforts

Girl Child Network – A Girl empowerment programme headed by CNN Hero betty Makoni –

African Baobab Foundation – A relatively new charity in the scene headed by Freeman Ncube –

Save the Rhino – an International Charity doing amazing conservation work in Zimbabwe –

The Winners
The people highlighted in the ZAA 2012 have been put forward and nominated by the community. We fully acknowledge that there are many other Zimbabweans who are achieving great things and who remain relatively unknown. We hope that future awards will allow more Zimbabweans achieving excellence to be bought forward and highlighted. There are no losers as we believe every nominee is an Achiever by their own right. To every one of our Nominee’s – congratulations for the outstanding work, talent and excellence you have achieved. We hope your initiatives will bring inspiration to other Zimbabweans. You have certainly inspired the team here at ZAA. Let me say a massive congratulations to the 2012 Winners, please continue in your work and continue to make us proud.
The Future
We have had a lot of request coming from South Africa, Zimbabwe and USA, I am happy to announce that the first ZAA SA is now scheduled for December 1 2012 at the beautiful Hyatt Hotel in Johannesburg, please for more details. The Pull from Zimbabwe has been very strong and work is underway to perhaps bring the most prestigious event in our calender back home, please watch the space
ZAA 2013
Plans are already underway for ZAA UK 2013 and a beautiful venue has been picked, please continue to follow our progress at
Last Note
I would like to once again thank the community for the amazing support. I would also like to leave you with a simple scripture Matthew 7 vs 7 to 8 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8.For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened
Lets continue as a community to seek and lets continue to Dream and show the World how Great we are
Please find attached highlights of 2012 for more pictures please see
I thank you
Conrad Mwanza
For and on behalf of ZAA Committee and Panel

Betty Makoni poetically endorsing the Zimbabwe Achievers award
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

When a whole community gathers to celebrate
When achievers one by name and all by achievements
Build with modern achievers stones-the new Dzimbabwe
Each inspired and with inspiration and aspiring
Appreciated, anointed and uplifted
In a Five Star Grange Hotel, Heart of great city
Top Hill where Queen peeps and pampers
With jubilee jubilations from afar in physic and so near in heart
To citizens of one great colony who amidst odds more achievers come
A nation of geniuses with own Guinness book of records
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building New Dzimbabwe

Amongst them achievers come each in a Five star
Nominated from many and named winner of Five star
Musicians who sing for community coherence
Journalists who journey with news only truth and more truth
DJs who Dhigong our dances with their radios stationed in our souls
Community crusaders of noble causes for marginalised and invisible
Personalities never taking things personally
Inspiring, inspired Zimbabwe Achievers of Five star
Hovering like eagles, proud of them like peacocks
In glamour, grandeur and greatness
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards-Building New Dzimbabwe

Celebrating achievers anchors Zimbabwe
Celebrating achievements cultured Zimbabweans
Whatever achievement ends with Maita, Tatenda, Siyabonga Khakulu
Life hunters with a big feast, women pour out a totem
Maita Shumba, Maita Mhofu, Maita Nyati, Maita Simboti
Maita Shava, Maita Nzou, Maita Dziva, Maita Soko
In totem lie the award to uplift achiever
To anchor and to uplift even to greater heights
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

Ever seen female power in achievers turned male
Maita VaMaDube, VaMuzvare, AmaMoyo
Zimbabwean woman carrying totem and male title
Tilting honour and accolades left right and centre
With Dzimbahwe a house of granite stone
Whose big house achieved without falling
Now Zimbabwe Achievers Awards here our modern Dzimbahwe
Embracing women who don’t fall and never failures
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

Zimbabwe Achievers Awards-Building New Dzimbahwe
Taking once forgotten modern stones of building civilisation
Seeing them who did it best with awards to do even more
Not with negativity, waste of energy never an award
Never you gather for negativity when positivity energy brings
With Five star honour each shining so bright and so wise
Where Achievers gather, let energy rejuvenate
A community once punched with negativity
Here then pamper with positivity, achievements of achievers
Anything you can rub off, but not an achievement of an achiever
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe