A.B.R.A Tribe to donate proceeds from hit song

A.B.R.A Tribe  a Team of Young Entrepreneurs networking together, delving in Media and Entertainment Production, Marketing, Promotions, Fashion and Events has pledged to donate proceeds from a hit single to girls in Zimbabwe through Girl Child Network World Wide. They worked on Kyriah Dee’s new single Turn Around which is expected to hit the charts globally and help empower women and girls.

`Firstly we would like to say how we have admired the work you have done through the network by touching the lives of many innocent people`,said the Team in a letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Betty Makoni  and Trustees of the organization.

A.B.R.A Tribe and Kyriah both touched by the plight of girls in Zimbabwe jointly agreed with the artist to give 30% of royalties of the original audio track to support the work of Girl Child Network Worldwide`s Girls Empowerment and Education Fund which offers marginalized girls some small grants to build their lives through sustainable self help projects in education ,empowerment and protection from violet situations.

Girls Education and Empowerment Fund is the first grant in the world to accept individual project proposals from girls at risk and it is the only fund in the world that gives girls small grants to girls in situations where girls are in charge and in control. The small grants help girls form strong girls clubs where empowerment programs and speaking out activities are carried out.

`The donation has come at a critical moment when the organization needs many young people like those in A.B.R.A tribe to help build the Girls  Education and Empowerment Fund and ensure Africa has small grants for girls as many lives that could be saved are lost due to lack of sometimes a 10 dollar note.With 100 girls raped in Zimbabwe daily and seeking shelter and protection this support by such thoughtful young people will go a long way in supporting empowerment of girls.`,said Betty Makoni CEO of Girl Child Network Worldwide.

One hundred percent of the Royalties are issued out to the artist. In normal circumstances the artist pays  commission of 20% to A.B.R.A Team . However, the team has jointly agreed to donate that fee to Girls Education and Empowerment Fund. At the end of each month and for the foreseeable future, when royalties come from online distributor DittoMusic.com into Artist Paypal account she will deposit  30% of royalties into the Girl Child Network  Worldwide Pay Pal account.

`Our donation is purely based on supporting the work of  Girl Child Network Worldwide  voluntarily and  out of good will and the world knows the organization does amazing work and it is time we in the Zimbabwean community appreciate such great efforts and come out in support.That way we support our own heroes helping our own children and it fosters unity and development for our country,` said one of the Team members

Meanwhile Kyriah Dee has pledged support to marginalized girls and she is doing everything possible to support many other girls come out of violent situations. She strongly feels the leader of Girl Child Network Worldwide Betty Makoni is her role model and she is an activist she has watched fighting gender based violence and because she is inspired she will use music to help support women and girls.

Those who want to get more information on Turn Around song from Kyriah Dee and A.B.R.A team details are below. By purchasing this song you are making a donation to girls in Zimbabwe


A.B.R.A Tribe