Poetry to celebrate Tantra Zawadi new poetry book-Bubbles

Now available on Amazon
Now available on Amazon

The Bubbles bubbling me-Betty Makoni celebrating new book by Tantra Zawadi 

“Tantra-zawadi’s new collection is a must to read. It bubbles through every corner of the world. The symbolic bubble lofted in the air will leave many with multiple meanings of the beauty of life — a dose of inspiration — bringing the world closer to peace and hope. I am permanently inspired by Tantra-zawadi. She is not only a poet — she is my hero. Let history not leave out those who remained on the ground inspiring communities and breaking taboos whilst at the same time uniting the global village. I fully endorse this book and I ask every human being in the world to bubble their lives with this amazing great piece of art.
— Betty Makoni, Founder of the Girl Child Network and a 2009 Top Ten CNN Hero

“A work of love — what Tantra-zawadi makes — what she achieves through her art, envisioning, she says, the ‘unseen reality.’ A sublime soulfulness suffuses it, pungent like incense, subtle sinuous trans-formation shape-shifts as a genie might, rustled by a reedless wind.

Bubbles: One Conscious Breath by Tantra-zawadi available now onClick here

My youthfulness

My girlhood

My innocence

My imagination

All soaking soap in water

Forming just bubbles

Forming something to blow gently up

All bubbling with bubbles


My head high up

Blowing gently

Blowing up and up

Just gently lifting another woman up

Just gently lifting another girl up

As well lifting self-up

Softly blowing their heroism up

Softly cheering their up and even up

Till one, two, three and a hundred bubbles blown

Small ones blew out faster

Now with art to be gentle and make them bigger

Breathing my life air, giving the breath I take


All bubbling bubbles

Bubbling my inner bubbles

The dance with bubbles up and up

The song to all my bubbles up and up

The ceremony to count all up

My imagination as a girl

Would that one day not an atomic bomb

Not a day a mass weapon that blows

Just a peaceful bubble

Nothing tearing life

Just bubbles Tantra poetically twined

Bubbling round the world

Putting rockets and bombs to shame

Peace and bubbling like bubbles

All bubbling with bubbles