“My Father Raped Me at Twelve and Infected Me with HIV and AIDS”-A testimony

One day, my father brought home a traditional healer from Chivhu. This traditional healer I now prefer to call “witchdoctor”, had come several times to our house to assist my father whose health continued to deteriorate. I overheard them talking for a very long time.

The witchdoctor opened dialogue: “see to it that when you break her vaginal membrane, suck out her blood. This blood is the one you will mix with your semen. To be strong, take this medicine and put it around you’re knife. Smear your semen with blood from her vagina around your waist, you understand?” I heard my father agreeing.

The witchdoctor moved around our house and sprinkled water around. My father’s illness had become worse. He had brought this witchdoctor and many others who never assisted him in any way other than to prescribe him with different medicines.

I was in Form One and aged thirteen. On several occasions I had witnessed many girls coming in and out of his house. I could tell from the look in their eyes that they had been abused.

Finally, I ran away and went to report to my mother. My mother and I reported to Girl Child Network. My father died in 2002 and his case was still before the courts. Now I am alone. I didn’t get a single cent from his pension. I am now eighteen, married, and I have a baby.

My story is known to everybody in the small town I live, and everyone despises my husband for marrying me. Words destroy and I wonder how soon his own love for me got destroyed. I am just living, waiting for the day when God calls me. Blessed are those children dearly loved by their parents, not my father who is like a hen who ate his own eggs.

Story written by Betty Makoni for girl she helped come out sexual slavery by her father. Ritual rape is rampant in Zimbabwe .Many men think virgins can make one rich while others think virgin blood can make one rich.