Zimbabwean Professional terrorized by Vio Mak on Facebook breaks silence

Zimbabweans from all walks of life are testifying on Vio Mak`s  cyberbullying, use of hate language on Facebook  and peddling lies about ordinary people   who use the social network. Many who saw Betty Makoni`s testimony were encouraged to break silence and speak out. There have been many letters of appeal from  especially professionals  to Facebook, Google and Godday where most of her bogus news sites are hosted. Her victims  feel they have been unnecessarily defamed and traumatized. None of them is a  public figure but just ordinary Zimbabweans who have done amazing work in communities all over the world and especially in UK.

Vio Mak is a  self proclaimed human rights defender turned protest musician who seized opportunity to claim asylum in UK  by using pictures of victims of political violence. She has no known history of activism or working for human rights at front line in Zimbabwe . She has close association with former Zimbabwe Government  Newspaper, The  Herald journalist Ropafadzo Mapimhidze  who uses pseudo names on most defamatory articles written against human rights activists or anyone thought to be a threat to their syndicate of undercover people targeting human rights defenders.

UK police and MP Steven Metcalfe have intervened to help Betty Makoni and other women who have been terrorised through Vio Mak`s bogus online newspapers as well s on Facebook. A group of women and men are working on an online petition to facebook and UK authorities. Vio Mak runs an illegal unregistered Viomak Charity music organistion which has never produced a single audit report since formation.

Below is an unedited statement posted on Facebook by   professional woman who was labelled a thug and defamatory accusations were made against her name .In her community Tsetsesyi has worked as a social worker and deeply admired by many. She is one of the most renowned social workers in UK from Zimbabwean community.

Tsetsesayi M Mafara statement to Vio Mak  via Facebook++++++

Yes Viola Makunike many people are shocked everyday with the Pack of lies you publish on your unregistered newspaper, I wish you could just stop and grow up and stop stooping to shameless levels; ” You will never stoop so low to lie about her like what she has done to me” oh you cry baby, you only know how to give nhaika, taking is very difficult..You wrecklessly and Irresponsibly tarnish, damage, and attack the good reputation of people, you wrecklessly and negligently speak ill of people.. You write malicious, false and injurious statements about people without due regard and conscience. Such Calumny.

You defame falsely causing huge distress to people’s families and friends..where ever you see your name written and anybody who clicks the like button is quickly categorised into a class or division of THUGS, you are either explicitly cited as an MDC THUG, ZANU-PF THUG, CIO/SPY Anyone who opposes or disagrees with you is quickly categorised and labelled into this group of Thugs and CIO’s’and immediately scandalised to the dogs.

So yes most of us have now found ourselves in this your online newspaper that has disclaimers, and bensononline news as well.

You have clearly sassed out that Defamation torts, slander and libel is a challenging, complex and specialised area of law, there is a balance between( free speech rights) of the person making the statements about you and that persons rights to challlenge someone with legal process if they are being untruthful and hurtful.

And have quickly worked it out that it will take forever to prove that statements you make are lies, the world would have in the meantime digested the lies and made up their minds, and even if facts change they maynot quickly change their minds.

You Vio Mak are a crafty, cunning deceitful fully fledged Liar, one who intentionally writes false statement as a way of getting out of a situation, however for you you LIE yourself into trouble, instead of lying yourself out of danger.

You write to selected audience hoping to destroy people’s LIVELIHOODS, WELFARE..you were so quick to gather where I lived, Worked and was so quick to let the Authorities know that I am a CIO a Zanu-PF spy..Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

On the other hand you are the mother of all hypocrites, a Hypocrite who is exploiting the Zimbabwe Political Situation to satisfy her own selfish needs and interests. A hypocrite who has cheerleaders who are prepared to sink with her due to your own Motives and Agendas.

An hypocrite who has an excessive use of I and me, who is in the practice of talking about oneself an exagerrated opinion of oneself. A very selfish person. A person who treats self interest as the foundation of morality, a human being who has a sense of individuality.

A misguided element, one who wants to destroy the innocent lives of Orphans like what you did to that Makanda boy and many others.. Remember you are supposed to look for Orphans and Widows. No No No this human rights defender destroys..

You call yourself a Human Rights Defender who discriminates publicly Gays and Lesbians..calling them pigs and dogs and clearly writing how human rights is now inhuman. You are a Phony representative of human rights one who thinks she can get away with Publication of People’s Pictures because the Privacy Laws are complex. You have a NAIVE view of the rule of law..

Muzvare Betty Makoni to be honest please continue with your brilliant work, in all good things they will always be Obstacles and Thorns. Those that have Evidence know fully well were the Courts are located and have enough knowledge of how petitions are lodged. If this woman has a Evidence it’s high time she took you to Court.. I feel you have a busy diary and busy year so far trying to sort out all kinds of problems for people..so please re-direct your energy and focus to that, those that have Evidence of fraud, or that you have misappropriated funds or there is a wrong use of your funds should GO TO COURT..shouting and screaming on top of tables will not help their smear campaigns for it only proves ABSENCE of EVIDENCE and a CLEAR AGENDA to SMEAR a GOOD Charity organisation..

Another big problem is even if people fight this woman, she will always come back using another Pseudonomy name and opening another corner store newspaper, so allow her to talk about subjects she has passion for? Subjects of destroying innocent lives..maybe she gets her happiness that way and that maybe is her way of dealing with Corruption and mismanagement..

All the best Muzvare, Vengeance comes from God saka musanyanya kuzvinetsa..Mwari uchatonga chero tafa Mazita anongochenesa Badzi!

And in most cases the world will be shocked that such hypocrites were allowed to ever write on the internet..She has a level of Detail about those she pretends to HATE, that level of detail is sometimes called abstraction, she uses the right words to form phrases clauses and sentences, during the Day it’s all hula hula hula funfare and at night she and her cheerleaders are moving with knives in the Dark..Most of them very closely linked to those they purport to HATE!

Thank you Muzvare, I hope Vio Maks continues Talking and Talking..That have proof go to Court! I have seek protection after the threats I have received on her wall, people asking for My ID, Address, Work info, people inboxing me asking me to dine with them at my Local fish and Chips and where it’s located it’s a MESS I tell you, Vio Maks and her Cheerleaders were calling Organisations and asking if I work there, calling Social Services, and just causing distress.. I want this nuisance abated. People should never ever wish to stoop to such levels over Nothing.. She deliberately and intentionally set out to destroy my well being over nothing I tell you..Causing Great Distress without even flinching..it’sdisgusting.