Zimbabwean man went to buy a machete to chop off wife`s head

News that we see on television daily ad mainstream papers  is about  those people we know to make such news. Rarely do we get news of ordinary people and some tragedies they face. It is  great  that social networks like Facebook now  make it possible for people to write news and share within their communities. Most of it is first hand information told in the most natural and passionate  way. That is what I read daily.

One piece of news that has shocked me is from a woman from Zimbabwe called Mai Dhamu. She heard about a woman called Miriam Takavingofa whose memorial Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/groups/266713690075366/..People are free to donate directly in cash and in kind to Miriam`s orphaned children.

Miriam was murdered by her husband with a machete he went to buy. Mai Dhamu a Zimbabwean woman with no organisation or charity she belongs to started a memorial page to highlight tragedy that took Miriam`s life. Since the page was formed weeks ago it has raised awareness on domestic violence at no cost and reaching out to a thousand Zimbabweans. Both men and women have stood together to condemn violence in the home. So much information has been shared passionately. Plans are also under way to mobilise resources to support the children and in the long term support many other children orphaned by domestic violence.

Even though Mai Dhamu  is not a relative of Miriam she has been on this group daily and trying to find an answer why this tragedy came this way and left two children orphaned. Miriam was an intelligent and highly educated woman and she earned highly but question is why did we lose her.

I know many people out there are working to end violence in many ways but here is a simple and more effective way of using social media to address issues of domestic violence. It does not require a complicated logical framework and huge sums of money. Communities using technology in such a positive way need to be highlighted.

Below is a piece of news that you should not miss and please join the group and help Zimbabwe stop murder of women in the homes.

By Ma Dhamu

Good Morning. aint it sad that life can be just so sad. Miriam is said to have been a humble soft spoken good hearted person. When the police went back to the murder scene with her husband his presence provoked a riot from neighbours who were asking him y Miriam. He could not explain why he killed her accept to say he was angry but this man purchased the Machete that he killed her with 3 days before. Dear Lord what could make a man plan such gruesomeness and really just want to deprive his kids of their mother.. Speaking to his sister who saw the body she is left with an indelible mark of the horror of seeing her sibling lying in a pool of blood left hand chopped off and right wrist hanging from a thread of skin.. Head chopped off.. Guys these are scenes from Freddy Kruger and Horror movies.. i want to say to Tafadzwa Chikoko be strong my sister we might never understand this but we are here for you be strong…
Some people might think i knew Miriam i didn’t i was only touched and broken by her story that i want the world to know her story and for people to be active in stopping this .. We have road accident, HIV/AIDS, Breast cancer, Prostrate, EDS, and all sorts of campaigns. Its time we made noise and said HELLLLLLL NOOOOOO to beating and killing the mothers of our children. No No No NO NO no.. Please help me by posting on your status on your personal FB walls this statements… A Woman is a mother a wife a sister an aunt a grandmother and YES a HUMAN being ..DON”T BEAT HER TO DEATH…
Thank you all. i am overwhelmed by emotions but i know the Lord has a plan in this… And soon someone will come forward to ensure we make noise and stop this nonsense