Who is Vio Mak-the woman terrorising Zimbabweans in UK on internet?

Viola Makande -the undercover terrorising human rights defenders in UK-On asylum benefits
Viola Makande -the undercover terrorising human rights defenders in UK-On asylum benefits

According to one of the Literature Bureau employees who sent a testimony to Muzvare Betty Makoni via her Facebook, this is a woman who lives in Birmingham. She  now purports to be a human rights defender and she claimed asylum in UK after failed forgery of asylum in Canada. She has been on UK benefits since then. As a way to gain income she started a music business pretending to advocate for victims of political violence in Zimbabwe but in reality it was a shift from gospel music where she did not do well. An anti Mugabe campaign was meant to blind people to who she is. She is exposed now as undercover working on cyber bullying and defaming human rights defenders. She also works with a team of men who attack anyone perceived to be anti Zanu PF. Any spy job she does at the moment is getting her income she desperately needs. So far attempts to swindle people through membership of her new party flopped in UK as none of the members registered via Facebook parted with hard earned cash.

The woman uses Google and Facebook to create defamatory news on targeted human rights defenders as a way to scuttle their work.

Below is a testimony from but one of her victims. The victims are many. The one who testifies here was victimized whilst she worked at Literature Bureau in Zimbabwe. Canada  made a good decision not to grant her asylum as that would have taken hard earned income some people pay for as tax.

But who is Vio Mak?

For a long time people who searched for real name of Vio Mak must know her real name is Viola Makande.

VioMak = Viola Makande here wandakashanda naye (I worked with her at Literature Bureau) kuLiterature Bureau. That lady is bad news. She was loose, cruel and stole money from the Bureau. I’m not surprise because she also made many efforts to character assassinate me during those years but failed.