UW Women’s Action Commission moved by Betty Makoni`s speech

University of Washington Women’s Action Commission in Seattle ,USA  Director (the UW female student body representative) is putting on a production of the Vagina Monologues on the UW campus, and would like to donate the proceeds to the Girl Child Network!!

The show is fabulous and a real product of collaboration among multiple student groups supporting women’s empowerment. The show runs Feb 10th-12th.

The Women’s Action Commission was founded in 1969 with the goal of advocating for women students and providing programming for relevant to women and gender equality. One of our biggest programs of the year is a 3-day production of the Vagina Monologues, a show about women’s sexuality and violence against women, including rape. Our discussion as a cast about the issues in the play inspired us to donate the proceeds of our show to an organization outside the U.S., and we thought the Girl Child Network has a fabulous mission very relevant to our discussions.

Following her visit to the University of Washington in January 2011 where Betty Makoni made a speech following  the show of the Girl Child Film, a letter was delievered to Betty Makoni through Kathleen Schidmt ,Director and Founder of Project Empowerment on behalf of the University of Washington Women’s Center.

`I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your informative and moving talk last week.Your work for young women and girls in Zimbabwe is not only transformative locally but inspirational for all others around the globe.  We know that violence against women transcends borders, impacting many.  Your work sets an example for all those in similar situations, empowering women and girls to make change in their own lives and in those around themHere at the Women’s Center, we too hope to transform lives in miraculous ways.  By connecting with amazing women such as you, we inform our campus and community members about violence against women, and ways that they can actively get involved in its prevention.  Your story, your persistence, and your example are the action and heart behind all of our work.We sincerely hope to continue working with you in the future to educate and empower girls.  As we embark upon this New Year, let us continue to support the work of women and girls and celebrate their successes as they too become leaders in their communities`,wrote Sutapa Basu & Claire Vander Woude,CEO and Admnistrator of the Centre.