On Betty Makoni show-UK riots and girls

The following media reports have forced me to do a special radio show with an open panel to talk about UK riots and the girl child. I picked up some very disturbing news as follows;

i.Croydon riot girls boast that looting was ‘good fun’
Two teenage girls who took part in looting in Croydon boasted about grabbing ‘free things’ and said they hoped the riots would spread further…..Lets talk about the riots and what we can do to empower girls-The Metro Online

ii. Amy Weston captured image of woman leaping from a burning building in Croydon used on five national front pages. By Lisa O’Carroll

iii.London riots: daughter filmed ‘looting’ trainers has shamed us, says mother. The mother of a Tottenham woman filmed apparently looting after rioting has spoken of her shame-The Telegraph

Today at 6 PM UK Time, my radio show  will focus on UK riots that caused so much pain in the last week. I will be talking about women and girls` roles in the riots.I saw a number of images in newspapers with girls looting and girls in court breaking down and crying. My question is ;Are girls empowered enough to undertake such risky campaigns? Is it peer pressure? Did they ever realize they will end up in jail? How can they be rehabilitated in a positive way ?  Did any girl fall victim to rape and find it hard to open up and report?”

When it comes to single motherhood, does society understand and appreciate the trials and tribulations of a single mother ?Where are the fathers when women struggle to bring children on their own? How can we hold irresponsible fathers accountable and ensure they play an equal role in bringing up children?

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