This is the job I have always wanted to do-Poem by Betty Makoni


Here I am and here is the job

The job I have always wanted to do

To do with all passion and compassion

Combat feeling that I am totally there

There on the job I have always wanted to do

No coercision, persuasion, manipulation

No job description, no job specification

Specific though to support empowerment of girls

Girls empowered, future women reach potential

Potential to hover, conquer

Soldier on, Struggle on

Not for the love of money but for the love of girls

Groomed empowered girls fruits of my labour

I toil and labour just upon a glimpse of my girls

This is addiction, no watch whatsoever on my wrist

No need, no need for all time is work time

No amount of cash can pay for this

Not even silver, gold, diamond

This job I have always wanted to do

The inner part of my passion, so gracious, goodness

The job I have always wanted to do

Trials and tribulations, ups and downs

Bygones for they are to test mantle

Persecutions known deeds of thy times

Spirit, soul, servitude, sanity so on and so forth

Sailed so smoothly fruits of thy labour

No interview to demonstrate

Either commitment or competence

Inner interview ,confirmed thus

Called one self for it and now stuck to it

Promised inner self I would do it

Here then I am now

Right on the job of my life, love and passion

Like river love for it flows on and on and on

No amount of stress will burn this passion out

Its deeper, inner, greater, bigger, stronger and so forth

I live it, feel it, eat it , sit it, fight it, look it, tumble it

Sleep with it, greet it, dance it, and work it

This is the job I have always wanted to do

When they spoil the broath, when they do vice versa

I bleed with grief, I feel loss, death of my passion

I become crazy, fallen apart

Cracked, crushed, crooked, cheated, deceived, finished

When they do it good, I rejoin, remake, resmile, revitalize

More strength, more power, more vision

For I refuse with my job

The job I have always wanted to do

My job, my passion, my spirit, my soul, me my self

One system, one blood

One me, my job, I dream it, I walk the talk, I feel, it love it

Nwa-a I kiss it!!

Here is the job I like to do

This is the job I have always wanted to do

(By Hazviperi Betty  Makoni, founder and Director of Girl Child Network)