The Never Again Royal Night goes to Zimbabwe-First step in national resource mobilisation

I will not regret why I came to UK. It has been a positive experience after all. Recently, I launched my book but was quick to donate it to be used for fundraising for charity. The night of 13 April was dubbed Never again Royal night and of course based on book title. This has now grown into an admirable brand.

Never again royal night -31 August
Never again royal night -31 August

As I posted on Facebook and twitter, I realised that most of the comments and the usual likes were coming from Zimbabwe. As we finished event, I posted some photos that were beautifully coloured by purple. One of the young woman from Zimbabwe, inboxed me and she really admired what we were doing in UK but she wanted to do something for she was by then not employed but had a desire to save girls being raped.

I love sharing and so I started online mentoring of her and just told her to go for it and do something. In a short while she was so full of energy and she wanted to do her Never again royal night event using the brand I developed in UK. Since then she has mobilised other women like Senzeni and they want to do a fundraiser for Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe and mobilise financial and human resources to respond to many cases of child sexual abuse but above all a donation they can organise is to mobilise women leaders to go into girls school based clubs and inspire girls. Well many people think when someone donates their time and not money they have not done enough. Girls need thousands of women to mentor and coach them. They need women leaders to share skills and knowledge on leadership. Girls have to develop a sense of mobilising resources to solve some challenges they face. After all this is what empowerment should do; we should not give a fish but a fishing rod.

From what I know , Zimbabwe Never again royal night is quite close- 31 August at Miekles hotel and 40 dollars per dinner plate. Out of this 18 dollars goes to charity to support girls work and to build many other events. There is no way girls can just sit because they are not so lucky like many capital city organisations who can funding on a silver plate. I was a street vendor all my life and part of my education was funded by selling on the streets.

The network is now growing for the Zimbabwe Royal night. Many sponsors are coming on board, people who care about the issue are buying tickets, there is an amazing  author of False label, Mac Kuja flying all the way from New York to share her story and inspire girls.(A separate press release is coming)

Living in UK has taught me never to look forward for donations like I used to do before. Living in UK has made me meet charities that work very hard at a local community to keep their projects going. Funding is highly competitive and so many strategies to mobilise resources especially by organizing local fundraisers will go a long way.

A graduate in Fundraising is now making her way to Zimbabwe to train young women and girls on local sustainable fundraising and how to mobilise the world to support. All community based organisations in Zimbabwe are very welcome.

I am seeing this Never Again Royal event taking shape and I can see its potential to mobilise more young women and girls to fundraise on very safe ways and get local projects going.

This century truly poses challenges for non profit sector but here in UK many have diversified their funding and it is no longer question of just writing project proposals. It is now a matter of mobilising each other in a creative and innovative way.

Lets just cheer this team of young women in Zimbabwe and lets all attend in large mumbers and support.