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Ms Meghan Markle is not 3000 years older-just a peer and 3 years older

Excuse me Ms Markle is not 3000 years older. She is only 3 years older. Not even 3 centuries or 3 decades. Just 3 years hey!!! Come on, why persecute women over such simple matters and in societies considered a bit civilised and past prejudices like?

There appears to be repeated messages in news articles about age of Ms Markle and Prince Harry. The way this is emphasised and unnecessarily repeated points to subtle sexism. Where I come from, women who married younger husbands even by one day were never forgiven. One day older or or any  number older or even same age is never forgiven. Society is age biased against women. But should women move around with birth certificates in their handbags to show their age when men approach them for love?We have many lessons to learn about high profile love of Prince Harry and Ms Markle. In a practical way they destereotyped age and race when it comes to marriage. They know those extra layers are not necessary as their hearts and minds are very busy on each other.  They teach that love and marriage are ageless and can be done by anyone and anywhere in the world.

My article targets those adamant a woman should be younger in marriage. I want to challenge them on gender stereotype and risk they pose in society if they dont challenge their misconceptions. Journalists in particular need gender mainstreamed in their training and work to avoid gender stereotype like this. It is becoming worse and society must challenge this. I thought it was my own culture with such a harmful cultural belief until google presented me news articles in their thousands attacking Ms Markle directly and indirectly.You read a news article that states that Meghan 36 and Prince Harry 33.You go to next paragraph and again you read Meghan 36 and Prince Harry 33. Then 7 more paragraphs repeat the same Meghan 36 and Prince Harry 33. To be honest, is 3 years age difference especially when a woman is older in marriage anything to worry about like this? Kids with a 3 years age difference can play together in school and at home. Am siblings with my brothers and sisters who are 3 years younger and people often get mistaken who is older.

There are millions of 13 year olds girls in this world forced to marry 70 year old men who deserve to be supported by media campaigns. Noone repeats such huge age difference in any newspaper. It is not news. Why is it not an issue if husband is older? Why is it permissible for men to be older in marriage.Gender stereotype is very bad. It is no longer news to anyone that Meghan is 36 and Prince Harry 33. We must wait for their birthdays. 3 years difference is not like 3000 years.She is vibrant and youthful just like her fiance. Lets stop persecuting a woman who found love with their lovely Prince

Sexism can  be subtle and it attacks a woman again and again.It attacks her age. It attacks her gender.It attacks her looks. It attacks her dressing. It is perfectly normal to have a friend younger or older. You dont need birth certificates when falling in love.Love is ageless and raceless.