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Mother of two boys aged 11 and 5 murdered in domestic violence in Zimbabwe

Another life of a mother lost in domestic violence in Zimbabwe.

I receive lots of messages via my Facebook inbox but the message on the gruesome murder of a mother of two boys aged 11 and 5  in a small town of Zimbabwe called Kadoma on 15 May 2017  shook my innermost spirit. The news of the loss of life of this ordinary woman was silenced about. The man took an iron bar and hit her not once but until he was sure she was down and dead.

Clifford Mararahanda the husband is now in High Maximum prison and appeared before the court on 30 May 2017.

Nancy Chiwaridzo Goliath had sought refuge with a relative. However, the relative thought through mediation things would work out with her husband but to no avail. It is just a day after the relative left that Nancy was murdered in cold blood and in front of neighbours.  Graphic pictures of her face in the mortuary which cannot be shared on this site show that she bled from the nose, mouth and her ears were torn into pieces.

Many people who tried to come to save Nancy’s life said they risked their lives because they had witnessed her suffer for the 11 years she was married. They said many people in the township knew her to be kind, loving and always hard working.

Those who wish to send support and solidarity to her two little boys can call, text or WhatsApp  Pastor Tar on 00263 773610570. 

Nancy was laid to rest in her village and her two children have a long journey ahead and we can all support them. Rest in peace Nancy.

Rest in peace Nancy.



Women4Africa Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for Muzvare Betty Makoni

On 1 February 2017, the organising committee of ‘Women4Africa™’Women4Africa announced that Muzvare Betty Makoni was selected to win their first ever ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for her outstanding contributions/achievements for over 15 years. Below is Princess Moradeun Adedoyin Solarin who officially presented the award to Muzvare Betty Makoni. 

The Awards ceremony for the 6th Annual ‘Women4Africa Awards UK 20167 was held on Saturday 20th May 2017 in Kensington, London.

Muzvare Betty Makoni in her military style British dress announced before the awards ceremony that she chose to put it on to symbolise that like a woman soldier she fought all battles and won. In her blue dress, she boldly stood for justice, gender equality and for the rights of the girl child as the future woman leader.

Women4Africa Official host Ayo Sonoiki interviews Recognition recipients, winners and guests at the 6th Annual Women4Africa Awards 2017 at The Great Hall, Kensington, London. Women4Africa2017 Red Carpet interviews with official host Ayo ThinkingAloud and filmed by Abiola Adesanya

Muzvare Betty Makoni met and interacted with women from different parts of Africa and one of them was a nominee from Tanzania working with girls. Her name is Consoler Aliya Wilbert who said she is an admirer of Muzvare’s work and has been following her for years.

Some friends and supporters of Muzvare Betty Makoni autographed for her and one of them called Wambui Njau who is a previous awardee of Women4Africa Woman Role Model described Muzvare Betty Makoni as inspirational in her congratulatory message.

Glam Africa extensively covered the news of the event and below are some stories of women high achievers who won the prestigious Women4Africa award  in various categories.


 Women4Africa 2017 Recognition awardees and Winners.

Lifetime Achievement- Muzvare Betty Makoni– Zimbabwe

Recognition- Mrs Nolwandle N Mboweni–  South Africa

Recognition-Chief Mrs Rachel Umahi-Nigeria

Recognition-Heather Melville-Jamaica

Recognition-Debbie Ariyo OBE-Nigeria

Recognition-Elsie Owusu OBE-Ghana

Recognition-Ruth Oshikanlu-Nigeria

Recognition-Mrs Rashida Bello-Nigeria

Winners on the Night

Business woman- Ann Wilson-South Africa

Career Woman– Morenike Ajayi-Nigeria

Outstanding Mother – Esther Owuta Onolememen-Nigeria

Woman in Technology-Rashada Harry-Guyana

Hairdresser-Anaya Kamara-Sierra Lone

Fashion designer-Joint winners Anita Quansah, Ghana & Tapiwa Dingwiza– Zimbabwe

Events Organiser-Jessica Laditan– Nigeria

Author of the year-Placida Acheru-Nigeria

UK Humanitarian-Neneh Umusu-Nigeria

Inspirational woman-Zina Arinze-Nigeria

Role Model-Phinnah Ikeji-Nigeria

Young Achiever-Gertrude Asumadu-Ghana

Young leader –Elizabeth Adeniran-Nigeria

Go-Getter-Amara Kanu-Nigeria

International Business-Zodwa Mkandla-Zimbabwe

International Humanitarian-Abigail Simon-Hart– Nigeria

International African woman-Yabome G Jackson– Sierra


Zimbabwe government unlawfully jails Linda Masarira, mother of five

Zimbabwe government keeps violating  the rights of women and no one can stop the atrocities. The most urgent and serious case is that of  Linda Masarira , a mother of five children. Her children solely depend on her for survival. The situation of her situation is pathetic and calls for urgent intervention.
Below is a brief about Linda and an account given on her by Dr Patson Dzamara. Please note this case will be updated as more updates come. Also we will share details on how people can support her directly. Her situation is dire
Profile of Linda Masarira
I’m a human rights activist passionate about labour issues,gender balance women and girl childrights

Dr Patson Dzamara brief on what happened to Linda

Let me also take this opportunity to give clarity on something I feel is critical and for us to really know the dynamics involved. After my numerous posts about her, I received a lot of enquiries as to what has prolonged her incarceration and I wish to set the record straight .
The fact that Lynda is a political prisoner is incontestable. She is not a criminal and she must not be behind bars.

However, there is fine line between the legality and illegality of her detention. Let’s start with the illegal dimension. Her detention can be deemed illegal because she didn’t appear before a court within 48 hours of her arrest and that’s illegal according to our constitution. We are hoping to secure her release on that premise.

13775422_10154279485987954_5587711385565404356_nOn the other hand, like I stated before, Lynda absconded a court appearance for a previous case after we were beaten by riot police at the Africa Unity Square on the 20th of June. She was injured just like most of us and so she couldn’t travel to Mutare for her court appearance.

Those who appreciate the law would know that absconding a court appearance is a good enough reason to be denied bail for another case. So it’s not that the lawyers are incompetent or that we are neglecting a comrade.

After all is said and done, we appreciate the fact that all cases against Lynda are politically motivated and obviously spurious. As such our solidarity is necessary.

Let’s stand together as one tomorrow and send a clear message to this failed regime that we won’t ever allow a wounded soldier to die. Also remember that we stick to peaceful non-violent means in whatever we do.

Bring your flags tomorrow, 8.30am at Mbare Magistrate Courts.

Aluta continua…

Dr. Patson Dzamara