Supporting Girls and Women Transformation From Victims to Leaders

I spent all my time and some resources doing that and I just want to confirm with tangible evidence on the ground that I can identify some leaders who are doing great work who passed through  my little informal institute and it cost less but produced a lot . I dealt with a lot of staff members who came on short and long contracts, volunteers, support staff and the lessons are many. There are some women who are disadvantaged but with great potential and there are some women who are advantaged but who care less and less, The vice versa is also true .I also learnt that staff are in four categories and many of you know THOSE;





As I made a final list of who should lead GCN whilst I am in exile I used category 1 and 2 to make a final list of who would stay in GCN. I spent more time with staff WILLING AND ABLE and those WILLING AND UNABLE.

So the final list of GCN leadership based on the above that I strongly recommend is as follows;

Staff Leadership Team in Zimbabwe

Blessing Nyasha Mazango new Director for Zimbabwe taking office from 1 October

Ruth Bikwa long serving member of staff with vast experience and knowledge in girl’s empowerment, counselling, conflict management. She is of mature disposition and a hard team player. Ruth has level 1 certificate from GCN President and Founder for completion of all GCN training .She is an achiever in her own right. Ruth will be National Head of GCN Programs and is promoted to level of Deputy Director for GCN with effect from 1 October 2009