Supporting Girls and Women Transformation From Victims to Leaders

Another important part of the program was to ensure women victims of rape and domestic violence transform from victims to leaders. I succeeded with half of them and a handful of them took up strategic positions and are now protecting women and girls in and outside GCN. There are three grassroots community organisations who received funding from Firelight Foundation and Global Fund for women now with full scale programs benefiting other women  and girls. I remember telling the women to dream and lead in areas they feel something is not alright and how they always shied away because they thought this was just too over ambitious.

I left them leading their community based organisations  and I feel leadership shared is leadership accomplished .I know those who would want to discredit such achievements would do so due to lack of every little detail of what transpired during my leadership time in Zimbabwe. I want to put everything on record to say one of my achievements as a leader was to share every little thing that I had on leadership and even to date I continue to do from the borders of Botswana because I feel so much needs to be done to support Zimbabwean women and girls.

I am   working on a shared leadership training manual at the moment .The message I want to leave to all GCN staff, board, supporters and funders is that there are potentially good leaders at grassroots level who never reach their potential because no one identifies and supports them from the heart and especially for girls we always think they are recipients of programs rather than innovators and leaders and so we rubbish them and think they are minors and yet for them to have experience and knowledge they must be exposed and allowed to live it.