Supporting Girls and Women Transformation From Victims to Leaders

In the last ten years, I have not been selfish and I did everything possible for staff and girls that I led to be exposed to leadership learning and experience and though not yet fully acknowledged there are so many women and men leaders on girl child empowerment in and outside Zimbabwe who came from my informal institute who are doing amazing work for women and girls.

During my leadership of Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe I was very innovative about how I would support other women and girls to lead now and in future and so I made an attempt to invest extensively in many  programs .Everything was tested and tried;mentorship, in house leadership training, coaching, self empowerment, peer to peer exchange learning with other organisations in and outside Zimbabwe, linkage and skills sharing, action research training, participatory evaluation training and manual development and imparting skills to potential leaders and many more innovative programs  where potential future GCN leaders especially young women could spend time acquiring skills.

Most of the women I worked with did exceptionally well and many of them have started their own initiatives  in and outside Zimbabwe and there are some who think the program did not work and chose to quit.