Supporting Girls and Women Transformation From Victims to Leaders

Over the past two years I spent a lot more time identifying leaders who could  help me take GCN vision and legacy  forward in Zimbabwe now that it is certain I am in exile for sometime. I started GCN in 1998 as a full time volunteer and then later myself and Memory Bandera one of my first students to join GCN took up role of administrator without basic knowledge and experience of what she was doing and neither did I know what I was doing.

I had been Head of the English department at Zengeza 1 High in Chitungwiza for only three years having graduated from the University of Zimbabwe. I first took the role of National Coordinator and I must say that everything that I did came from within me and my innovation and creativity more than from anyone else because I had a self belief that to be empowered and to lead other women and girls I have to be self taught and self empowered.  Roman Catholic nuns at St Dominic’s Girls School in Chishawasha were my role models and I remember everything they did with us girls and how leadership was so spread out to everyone and everything.

This   allowed most of us to lead and to be led. I started to work at age 6 as a child vendor and I knew how to count change better than some girls who were 15 years and older. Today I have come to count many achievements. To talk about weaknesses is good but to focus on leadership strength and what works gives energy and inspiration and so in this paper I have chosen to focus on many positives in my life as a leader and this is where I draw strength to move on!