Sudan, a deadly cycle of “Deja Vu” and atrocities-by Ben Escobar

In 2007- I was on Oxfam Intermon project on Sexual Violence Project in war torn Sudan where I  facilitated the setting up of the Women Empowerment Group in Juba.As I walked from place to place in Juba my heart bled .As I talked to each of the women I held my tears from falling.The women lost everything and I had to make them stand up and feel power within.The girls looked at me as I made a presentation and every time they repeated I am Unique ,I am the best and am proud of myself I felt their words were yet to come out.Whoever caused this pain must not be allowed to kill and rape like this.I have never seen a people who lost so much and still stood up to help themselves.If as women activists we mean it then lets fill up every place with empowerment programs that will make women in Southern Sudan stand up

A friend of mine Ben  Escobar has compiled testimony below and I just want to thank him for helping the people of Sudan.I know why he took time to put it all together.He is someone who saw it all. Please read below and circulate widely. 

Having had the privelege to have supported the beautiful and wonderful country of Sudan and it’s people, the in-country events (Darfur, South Kordofan, bombings in Abyei, etc.) are still heart wrenching. For those of you who may not follow Sudan 365 – A Beat for Peace and Sudan Action Now and to help create more awareness, I am intentionally posting this note. This is not only happening, it is taking place NOW as you read this note.

I realize we have our own issues here in the US, BUT as a concerned US Citizen and should you also be interested speaking your voice internationally helping do your part, you are naturally encouraged to visit some of the links below. Also to share this posting on your FB walls. Thank you in advance for not only your caring, but your human spirit:

Sudan Action Now

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Sudan365 – A Beat for Peace

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The current conflict in South Kordofan has displaced more than 70,000 people.

According to numerous reports, Bashir’s government in Khartoum is using the SAF to attack Nubians and to force them out of the Nuba Mountains due to the Nuba peoples’ loyalties to the newly independent South Sudan.

Photos provided by Trevor Snapp:  freelance photographer

Works in East Africa and based in Juba, Sudan. He has produced work for The Guardian,, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and National Geographic Traveler.

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