`Stop wars in the homes`-Betty Makoni urges newlyweds

The month of April 2011  will be remembered to be full of Royal weddings  at all levels of community  in England  with each community doing it their own style . Muzvare Betty Makoni ,a girl child rights activist ,CNN Hero 2009  for protecting the powerless  and Her Royal Highness from Makoni Paramount Chieftainship  in Rusape Zimbabwe was today Guest speaker at wedding of Marthins Doyin Ajakaye and Lucy Nyasha Nyuke from Nigeria and Zimbabwe respectively

Speaking at  a reception  at  Anerley Town Hall, attended by hundreds of Africans from all walks of life,  Betty Makoni said she was shocked with news coming from Canada that a Zimbabwean man had killed his wife who had struggled all her life to get an education so that she rises from being a housemaid to a Professor.

`I am very confident that Martin being as loving and caring for his wife right now would  not stoop low and kill his wife and three months down the line we gather to mourn. We are here at this wedding celebrating love and how ashamed we will be to come to a home turned war zone to take a body of a dead woman`, said Betty Makoni with loud applause from all guests in attendance.

Betty Makoni had the guests in stitches when she said that we should be mindful as relatives and friends of newlyweds when we crowd their home

`Someone comes to stay with you for a long time  when you are just settling down and you wonder when they will go back ,` said Betty . `And then couples have to strain themselves with making sure as a permanent visitor you are comfortable. Lets give them space and time to work out things .And to you young couples do not let the home squeeze you in. Find other activities to do outside the home and get that chance to offload as sometimes we let things pile up until we cant deal with them `.

Betty Makoni took a swipe at church members who shun other women in the church who face domestic violence .She said violence  is rampant in many couples  who are married in the church and so urged openness and the need for women  and men in the church to have basic counselling skills.

`Sometimes you see a woman with a swollen eye and she does everything to cover it up because in some churches these issues are a taboo. Reporting that you are facing abuse does not mean you are a bad wife at all. So break silence and report .And for young girls be on the guard against your one meter space as not every man who comes to church means well. Many want to force you into sex and strip you of your dignity.There are many wolves in sheep skin`, said Betty Makoni amid  a big applause .

Betty Makoni wished Lucy and Martin love and encouraged them to live their life to the full as  a married couple. She said that the reason why she has stayed in a married and relationship for nineteen years, is because  the man she is in love with is  good and gentle.

`Marriage is so much fun when the groom like Martin keeps his smiling and not biting mouth near his wife `, said Betty.

Betty Makoni is junior at St Dominic`s  school where Lucy Nyuke`s mother Tendai Kangai attended school

Muzvare Betty Makoni Information Department