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Empowering Girls Through Confidence Building(MORE COMING)

This is a beginners` training manual for all the women and girls I have had personal contact and interaction with . Many  women and girls  who have listened to me share my journey from being a victim of rape at age six to being a survivor and then an internationally acclaimed girl child rights advocate have been greatly inspired by my story . My story is slightly  different from theirs because  I  have transformed  negative experiences into  positive energy. I have facilitated transformation of myself through mobilizing ,organizing and leading in girls empowerment at grassroots level . As I feel I have been successful I have decided to help others do the same so that  they too become leaders  walking in the fullness of their potential.

As I embark on a journey to inspire many  more women and girls to be confident, I will share how every step I take  transforms me first and then how such transformation is transmitted into others  . I will share how to deal with every thorn and spanner that can possibly hinder and deter full physical, spiritual and economic empowerment  and growth of women and girls.

My approach in this training  therefore is very simple , sincere ,honest and truthful .I will share my real  experience when I supported my own empowerment as I built Girl Child Network  from scratch. I had the confidence to form the first girls club in a classroom as a teacher and then later I managed to transform this small organization from a poor classroom into the global village Confidence ,innovation ,leadership principles ,creativity and passion played a major part in this and I will share more on this .

The training I have designed is interactive, engaging and grounded to everyday experience of activists working in difficult  and often economically ,socially and politically challenging situations .Having confidence in such situations is very important because as an emerging leader one must be equipped with skill and knowledge on what behavior to use in what situation. Individual girls ,their families and communities embrace  transformation slowly and with reservations because of socially constructed roles expected of men and women in society . Girls are domesticated from the day they are born ,often named Dambudzo translated Trouble has come and they are not permanent members of the family like boys as they are on transit to get married . So gender analysis will be a topical issue during the training because we must unpack the scripts stamped on women and girls by society and restore a culture of gender equality and equity.

Many women and girls want to know, How to start and run Girls Empowerment Clubs .I will share what the Girl Child Network Empowerment Model  is and what steps I took to rise from a classroom teacher in a poor high density suburb of  Chitungwiza  to  be an international  champion of girls` rights  now running Girl Child Network Worldwide. Experiential training that I offer  is based on my experience as a self confidence builder as well as a supporter of girls empowerment  and the first grassroots teacher to start an organization and get eighteen most prestigious  global awards for innovation, excellence and being advocate for girls rights . I started Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe in 1998 and since then I have seen thousands of girls now scattered round the world emerging to be some of the greatest leaders ever produced in Africa.

I learnt from  my lived reality  and it is this reality that evokes girls and women’s potential .My story is her story and her story  and my story is our story.

As I walk  through this journey of self discovery for self worth with young women and girls who want to be leaders , I call upon everyone to start the training with a positive mind that what they want is always what they must get .Everyone is born confident and it is always the world around us that undermines this confidence through perceived victim mentality stemming from attitude, belief and practice.

The training is structured in  eight   sections  and each section takes a day of thorough analysis, experience sharing in a free and safe environment ,mapping a plan to change and many activities  like public speaking, poetry and musical performance will be done .  Field visits to shelters of victims of violence and other such community activities will be done so that participants can be exposed to real life situations .

Participants will be assisted to document this new journey through a journal that they make and keep as a treasure for this will guide their own monitoring and evaluation of the impact of training on their lives. Videos ,real life photos and stories will be shown to demonstrate stages of empowerment and confidence building.

If electricity can be generated, transmitted and distributed and make our homes shine and bring heat to cook and warm or cool us ,then the same goes with confidence building. If confidence is not generated by an individual it will die naturally and so will an individual. At the end of the seven  day  program ,trainee is left inspired to unleash her potential for innovative leadership.

Now relax, feel good, unique and be proud that you are on a journey to regain, boost and regain  your  self confidence

Betty Makoni


This is a beginners` training manual for all the women and girls I have had personal contact and interaction with.

Many women and girls who have listened to Muzvare Betty Makoni  share her life journey from being a victim of rape at age six to being a survivor and then an internationally acclaimed girl child rights advocate  and leader have been greatly inspired by my story. The training she offers is meant to transform victims to leaders.


i. A short pre test to check  trainee knowledge and skills in confidence will be conducted before commencement of the training. The trainer will ask trainees to fill in a test sheet with 10 questions. Trainer will give some close answers for trainers to score for each other .Each participant will be put in a category from tier 1 to 5 and each tier  guides trainer on how to move on content

ii. Curriculum Vitae -Appreciative inquiry  will be done in this section to allow participants to do a trajectory of themselves .Every trainee writes their CV since they were born to date as positives  need to be spelt out .Many times we are not thorough in our self analysis and so we tend to leave others to do it of which they don’t .So this is the first time trainees will tell themselves ,I AM UNIQUE ,I AM THE BEST AND I AM PROUD OF MYSELF after each presentation .

iii. Trainees will create a wall of greatness  and hall of fame and make a first breakthrough into the best in themselves  and appreciate themselves . There must be positive energy in the room to enable everyone to move on with what works

Two principles are key here;

-focus on what is best ,that what makes you proud and unique.

-Ask the question how  so as to move forward and  ask not why because this winds you back 

-We will achieve much more if we move forward with positive energy.Leaders who are assertive will ignite more energy in those they lead and those who are victims will be victimized more

Section II


i.Knowledge and skills  acquisition and creating life meaning from theory will be the focus here .Each definition should open up more about who you are .There is a difference between someone who knows about something and someone who knows something .

ii.Trainer will take trainees through the ladder of empowerment from girl to woman and explore at what stage  each trainee is .

iii.There are  generally expected  indictors of confidence and these will be explained through sharing of stories

iv Three behaviors that need to be understood and applied to daily lives   and these will be explored in full

Section III


i. When trainees have knowledge and skills in confidence they need to know that gender plays a major role in taking away this confidence .Gender based violence leaves one stripped of all self confidence .Trainees must be aware that in every home ,community or work place there is abuse and such abuse can take away everything out of an individual .So all forms of gender based violence will be explored

. Girls are affected by  both gender and age ,HIV and AIDS, harmful cultural practices, gender based violence, disability and poverty. The question is that no one leader can tackle everything and so there is need to identify those areas trainee wants to focus on

There are many things that perpetuate gender based violence and endorse it .The role of television ,music ,cultural practices sex adverts and the general thinking that a woman`s body is a sex object will be explored with a view to demonstrate that unequal society has more victims than thought. Violence against girls and women takes so much self esteem out of them.

Section IV

II. Instilling self esteem and confidence

New beliefs ,attitudes and practices will be instilled .This is the critical moment of the training where trainees will be expected to transform from being perceived victims into survivors and realize the leadership potential in them .

ii.Through communication ,managing anger and examining all relationships  trainees will do an  honest spitting out through speaking out of all the toxic disempowering things in them. Trainees here must show they are willing and able to be confident and they are self empowered to do this  through simple ways  and present themselves and talk  in front of an audience .There will be  many activities in music ,public speaking ,advocacy ,drama and poetry.

The basic principle in this section is, `You can`t empower others if you are not confident and  empowered yourself.Always walk the talk`

Section V


Every trainee must have a leadership kit comprising of the following

-Simplified Laws , policies and Rights of the country

-Organization with a structure ,mission ,vision ,objectives ,goals

-Education and Career development manual

-Directory of potential funders

-Sexual and reproductive rights pamphlets and videos

-Referrals and stakeholders checklist

-The empowerment handbag


-Powerful speech and voice  for advocacy

-Technology-website ,face book or anything that makes you interact beyond a small box

-Role models


We will spend a day putting  together this kit and explain fully why a soldier should never go out there without enough bullets and guns .In the same way no leader should be in the field without a leadership kit

Principle of this section is :

Be the leader others want to follow

Section VI


Focuses on imparting key elements in leadership and skills building in `How to start and run girls clubs` as well as counseling as an empowerment tool

A video on Girl Child Network will be played here to show what becomes of a movement if it has all its facets well tied together and how  a leader should position herself .Participants will critique the video

Section VII


Each participant will make a short presentation of something they will develop and will be guided by questions ,how ,when ,why, where with who ,and who will help

The training closes with trainees presenting their future projects

Section VIII

Participatory evaluation

Many times we let others evaluate us when we have more honest knowledge about ourselves. In this section we will learn how to keep check of empowerment indicators

Organisational Development outline for emerging organisations

  • Achieving sustainability
  • Scaling up
  • Attracting & retaining talent
  • Measuring Impact
  • Life balance
  • Communicating your vision
  • Managing partnerships
  • Using technology


Muzvare Betty Makoni Is A Girl Child Rights Activist, UK Gender Based Violence Expert,CNN Hero, Speaker, Published Author & Poet, Theatre Director, Educationist, Philanthropist, Ashoka Fellow, Human Rights Defender, Mentor, Trainer, Coach, One of 150 Women Who Shake The World, Social Critic, Critical Thinker, Mother &Wife

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