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Mentoring girls in London on Leadership of UN Day of the girl child
Mentoring girls in London on Leadership of UN Day of the girl child

Speaking at Khaya Inspired Women conference Testimony by Fikelephi Jackson -Author of Against All Odds

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Briefly How Muzvare Betty Makoni assisted me:

I met Muzvare at an event organised by Women for Africa, I will never forget  our first meeting, before she even spoke on that day, I knew nothing about her. We clicked from the word go.
Then I heard her speak, I could not believe my ears as she spoke of her mother Mrs Rudo Fiona Nenguwo, who died as a result of Domestic violence, in front of her beloved daughter Muzvare who then became a mother to her siblings. I thought to myself her mother is like me, only difference is that I survived. I knew then that I had to speak to Muzvare about my book,, which then was still a script, I wanted to give her a hug as her speech moved me.
Yes, we exchanged numbers, I invited Betty to attend my Against All Odds Team, by then, my team felt that we were not going to meet our deadline with the publishers demands and book launch.
My heart was sinking as felt like a pregnant woman about to give birth and mid-wives telling me not to push, I could feel my waters breaking, it was time to give birth to Against All Odds…I Survived, nobody was listening. A miracle happened when Muzvare turned up towards the end of my team meeting, she met with everyone as they left with conclusion that Against All Odds was to be put on hold and a Mini book was to be launched instead.
Muzvare Betty Makoni, listened to me, I had tears in my eyes, she told me that I was like her mother. I was moved, and thankful at the same time that at last someone was hearing my cry. From then on Muzvare helped me, she became my Editor, my advisor, my mentor and my shoulder to cry on, she assisted in bringing out the right language I was to use. Infact the first 20 pages were thoroughly dealt by Muzvare.  She went on to give me names of Publishers who could help me. The rest is history, as we are doing our book tour ‘Against All Odds is transforming lives as we speak we are preparing for our trip to Malawi watch this space. Muzvare Betty Makoni will always be a part of Against All Odds…I Survived and a part of us as a family (the Jacksons)
 Muzvare you are a gift to the world. I recommend her at any time to any nation, person, leader, king, queen, boy or girl. We love and appreciate you,Fikelephi Jackson
US students Internship program was a big success

Lead consultant for FORWARD UK women and girls leadership and empowerment training -2007 to 2012

Empowerment and Leadership training for girls in London

This was just one day training with girls in London from Black and Ethnic minorities to identify the best in them and develop leadership skills.  The leadership training by Muzvare Betty Makoni helped them to speak out and start setting life goals they want to achieve. The session was on girls empowerment and leadership. The youngest girl to attend this session was aged 8.

Our “GIRL TALK” Journey-Testimony

Our “GIRL TALK” Journey

The concept of “GIRL TALK” was birthed by Sherry Peters and Abigail Yeboah-Boafo, an unbeatable mother and daughter team that have had a dream to empower young girls to reach their full potential since 2009.


“Our vision is to empower a generation of young women with the confidence to not only survive but to surpass their circumstances and situations.” 

However the actual journey began after attending the Women’s International Fair and meeting Betty Makoni. The conference was just what we needed to wake us up or to light the proverbial fire under us to fervently begin to set our passions in motion.

Meeting with Betty on May 11th gave us the insight and direction on what it takes to help fulfill our vision for the young women of Ghana.

Betty is allowing us the opportunity to dream our own dream and she has decided to pledge her support for the launch and establishment of GIRL TALK, which we are so grateful for. We will be availing of Betty’s wealth of knowledge and leadership skills by training under her for the next two weeks over Skype.

On the 13th of May 2011 our ground work continued as we took to the streets of Accra talking and sharing with young girl hawkers to gain the understanding and knowledge surrounding their circumstances.

We are well on our way to seeing our dream become a reality.

Thank you Betty, for all your help and support.

Love Sherry and Abigai

                                                                              Testimony By Edinah Masanga – Executive Director

Edinah Masanga testifies on how training by Muzvare Betty Makoni changed her life
Edinah Masanga testifies on how training by Muzvare Betty Makoni changed her life

Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa

Women Empowerment Foundations Southern Africa began a journey to empowerment with Betty Makoni at time when the organization was in critical need for strengthening.

We needed to learn from someone who is a passionate activist, someone who lives, eats and dreams activism with a passion. WEFSA was looking for a mentor whose models of empowerment have been tried and tested and whose excellence has been accepted and recognized worldwide.

There was no one perfect to do the job than Betty Makoni. We saw Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa becoming a force to reckon with. When I wrote to her and told her who I was and what I wanted to do, I think she could read the passion and determination in my words.

At first we never believed that this world icon would listen to me, that she could possibly find time in her busy and important schedule for one small organisation and one woman with one dream; Women Empowerment. But she did.

We were so overjoyed when she agreed to do the mentoring and organizational development.

From that day Betty held our hand, she designed an organisational development program and committed hours on end every week coaching us. Teaching me how to transform the organisation from just grassroots to grassroots with a purpose.

We would be spend six hours in a session and sometime I would ask her if she wanted to take a break and her answer was always ” Edinah let’s get this done”.

That day I realised why it was so easy for people all over the world to see her dedication and honor her hard work. Why her excellence reverberates globally and why the world has raised their heads recognized her.

She has such amazing passion and strength. Betty transformed Women Empowerment Foundation Southern Africa into an organisation with a clear vision, mission and purpose.

The journey with her was amazing, she was so patient with us. She took us through how to mobilise resources for the organisation to achieve its objectives. She introduced us to people in the development world, she taught us the development language. She helped us translate our passion, our knowledge into action.

Betty Makoni will always be the woman who made the dream a reality and the one who turned the passion into action. For me personally, it was victory over the night when my dreams nearly came to a halt, when being a girl was a curse.

Thank you Betty.

Edinah and her work are on

Muzvare Betty Makoni Is A Girl Child Rights Activist, UK Gender Based Violence Expert,CNN Hero, Speaker, Published Author & Poet, Theatre Director, Educationist, Philanthropist, Ashoka Fellow, Human Rights Defender, Mentor, Trainer, Coach, One of 150 Women Who Shake The World, Social Critic, Critical Thinker, Mother &Wife

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