Reserve Bank Official Rapes 11 year Old Girl

Advisor to Reserve Governor Gideon Gono, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke who  allegedly  raped  a girl aged 11  is walking scot free despite all medical and police records confirming this heinous crime .

The case comes at a time when girls in Zimbabwe are  at high risk of being raped by high profile HIV positive individuals who enjoy impunity and are desperately using blood of virgins as potential cure for HIV and AIDS.

Information that this reporter has confirms that the girl was born  on 14th  of June 1999 and her mother resides in the United Kingdom.The girl who fell victim to rape  is said to have a sister aged 15 who was abused by the same and reports are yet to confirm if her sister was also raped .

A very relative who has helped the girl through medical examinations and police escorts emailed Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide ,Betty Makoni  and wrote  ,` I have been on your website and I see you help children who have been sexually abused or raped and let me bring to your attention the case of a girl who went to her aunt`s place in Vainona and at gunpoint she was raped by Dr Munyaradzi Kereke. Her eldest sister was also abused by the same man`.

Since this has happened  both girls  have received threats from Dr Munyaradzi Kereke. He has gone to the house  where the girls live since August 2010 and  intimidated the family of the girl.

Another relative who contacted Girl Child Network Worldwide confirmed the girl has refused to go to school because she is afraid and so has been home since September 2010.

GCNW Chief Executive Officer Betty Makoni  has since confirmed receiving documents containing  a medical report as well as police report.

`These are the documents needed to arrest this alleged rapist and I don’t understand why he is still walking scot free ,`said Betty Makoni who has handled many cases of high profile individuals whose cases never get anywhere near the courts and if they do get thrown out for lack of evidence or some other reasons.

Zimbabwe is increasingly becoming unsafe for girls with many rapists walking scot free. The number of girls raped per day in Zimbabwe is 100 and these are the only ones who manage to break silence and report .

`In the likely event that Zimbabwe courts don’t get to prosecute Dr Munyaradzi Kereke ,it means many high profile rapists will be on the loose and this will result in many girls being raped and silenced.With the HIV and AIDS scourge this should be classified as a crime against humanity and also referred to regional  or international courts`,said Betty Makoni

In another development the first ever only online Newspaper for women and girls recently launched has confirmed that Dr Munyaradzi Kereke becomes the first high profile case to be listed on the Name and Shame column which seeks to establish the first list of all alleged rapists who are a danger to children and have been left to walk scotfree in Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe does not have a sex offenders register and this Name and Shame column becomes the first initiative towards a comprehensive sex offenders` register.

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